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Memory game

Markus Eichenberger Apr 21, 2005

This is a memory game with nice cat pictures. You can choose among 10 levels (0=slowest 9=fastest). The best of players are saved in a highscore list (implemented with cookies). Also see the online version at

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I am looking for a game that we can load onto our company (radio station) website that can be the basis for a holiday-themed contest. The model is a Christmas Concentration tile game in which players have to match features hidden under 2 or more tiles that match. For example, 2 tiles have Santa; the player has to remember where the "santas" are and click on those two tiles. When successful, those tiles stay open exposing the santa and allowing the player to match additional tiles until the whole board is matched. Say 48 tiles for which there are 24 pairs of matching icons that need to be matched. What we want to do is have matching advertisers (so we need to be able to change the graphics). The players have 2-minutes to complete the matching process among 48 or more different tiles to qualify to win prizes. When completed within the given time, the player is allowed to register to win prizes via e-mail or some other process to notify us at the radio station. What do you recommend for a game that can be made to do this as described?

Rob Sep 2, 2015