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Hangman: Countries & Cities

Scott Clark Mar 24, 2010

It's the old fashion Hangman game, but this time with a new look and additional features. You can choose to play from two categories: Capitals or Countries. Upon successfully guessing the word, detailed information (including the country's location, capital, neighbors, language, population and more) are revealed. Enjoy playing and enrich your knowledge.

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Good game

Landon Harness Nov 22, 2016

Super special game

Juan Reyes Oct 5, 2015

It sounds good

John Aug 12, 2012

in the function countRemain(num) the counter that counts the attempts must be different than the textbox length because when the player can clear the textbox and that way the count would be 6 again(6 attempts remaining). so u may need a counter that counts every click on the submit button..

JimVins May 7, 2012