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Game Scripts - Page 7

These scripts are all JavaScript games. Play the classic games Mastermind or Tic-Tac-Toe or any one of the dozen other games. If you plan to use these scripts, please remember that these scripts have some of the longest and most complicated source codes of any scripts in our archives. (Only modify these scripts if you are sure you know what you are doing!) Every entry now also has a Source Code option so you may see the EXACT JavaScript code used to create the game. General questions about games scripts should be posted to The JavaScript Forum.

  • Cool Mudda Math Game
    Hoop Hooper Dec 10, 2001

    This is a simple math game that gives you a random math problem and you try to answer as many as you can in the amount of time given.

  • Critter
    Sephiroth Dec 7, 2001

    An update on the classic Java Pet

  • Cash Buttons Game
    Justin DiFebo Nov 30, 2001

    Cash Buttons is a game of speed and accuracy. The player goes up and down the rows pushing as many buttons as they can. Each button is worth $-1. You have 20 seconds to press as many cash buttons as possible. The player with the lowest amount of money wins.

  • JS: Word Search Lite
    Shayne Michael Nov 17, 2001

    An timed interactive word search generator.

  • Video Poker
    Carl Kaneta Nov 16, 2001

    Just a nice basic poker game. Lotsa luck! IE only.

  • Irritating Button 2.0
    Schubert Cardozo Nov 8, 2001

    You must click on this button.

  • Lunar Lockout
    Jason DiOrio Nov 7, 2001

    This game is a puzzling mind bender that will spin your head in circles... Can you get the red circle into the middle of the board?

  • Shuffle
    M.R.Srivathsan Nov 6, 2001

    Arranging the shuffled numbers

  • Water Polo
    Rafee Oct 26, 2001

    A fun game of water polo.

  • Ask Psychic Fus
    Nate O Oct 19, 2001

    Ask Psychic Fus any question you desire -- He will use his powers to answer you.

  • Guess the number
    Paul Hamera Oct 7, 2001

    Just a guessing game made using forms and simple scripting.

  • Bald'os Gate 2
    Matt Nelson Sep 29, 2001

    Strategic role playing. Battle monsters and gain the strength and weapons to help you defeat your enemys.

  • Stop it!
    Stu K. Sep 7, 2001

    Try to stop the scrolling menu on the number you choose.4 levels of difficulty, great fun!

  • Hangman: Countries & Cities
    Aug 17, 2001

    It's the old fashion Hangman game, but this time with a new look and additional features. You can choose to play from two categories: Capitals or Countries. Upon successfully guessing the word, detailed information (including the country's location, capital, neighbors, language, population and more) are revealed. Enjoy playing and enrich your knowledge.

  • Psychic Test
    Ted Kappes Aug 7, 2001

    Try to predict the future

  • Dice Poker
    Andy Lad Aug 1, 2001

    Click [ROLL] to roll five dice. You win points by getting special combinations of dice, such as four of a kind, etc. Dice are shown but no image files are used! Changeable colors as well! IE only.

  • Formtis - HTML form Tetris
    Alexander Gogava Jul 27, 2001

    Javascript Tetris game Formtris created using HTML forms (Radios, checkboxes)- no images

  • Lover's quiz (Madd Libb)
    punit bhandari Jul 24, 2001

    "The script asks some questions and then translates them. Very affective to know someone's girlfriend's name, age, and much more details... and have fun!!! "

  • Idiot Test
    Matt U. Jul 22, 2001

    It asks if you are an idiot. You try to click No then it changes to Yes...LoL!!

  • Lights Out!
    Kevin Kendel Jul 18, 2001

    "The classic ""Lights On"" puzzle. Adapted from Ueli Weiss's code, but I've cleaned it up quite a bit (nearly 1/3 original size!) and then added ""multiple level"" functionality."

  • Trivia Game
    Theophilus Jul 15, 2001

    "A simple trivia game where the answers are given in form of a JavaScript window when the user clicks on the box beneath the question. The object is merely to find out how many you can get right. "

  • Pirate's Cave 2.0
    John Qaz Jul 14, 2001

    Short little script game.

  • The Maze Of Thyme
    Jason DiOrio Jul 13, 2001

    Move yourself through multiple levels of this maze striving to get to the goal, you can move in all directions including diagnals

  • Master Mind Game
    Brandon Hartman Jun 30, 2001

    "This game is much like that of ""master mind"" the color matching game. "

  • Baldo's Gate
    Ed Weedle Jun 26, 2001

    Aquire weapons and gain strenth by defeating an array of deadly opponents.