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Game Scripts - Page 4

These scripts are all JavaScript games. Play the classic games Mastermind or Tic-Tac-Toe or any one of the dozen other games. If you plan to use these scripts, please remember that these scripts have some of the longest and most complicated source codes of any scripts in our archives. (Only modify these scripts if you are sure you know what you are doing!) Every entry now also has a Source Code option so you may see the EXACT JavaScript code used to create the game. General questions about games scripts should be posted to The JavaScript Forum.

  • Metal Gear Solid Name Generater
    Justin Corriveau Aug 6, 2004

    This is a script that takes the first name and last name and makes a MGS-Like name based on their first letters. It also allows users change the background color.

  • Tic-Tac-Toe
    Hamad Belshalat Jul 17, 2004

    A JavaScript version of the oldtime favorite game of tic-tac-toe. Designed only for two players.

  • Queen's Quest
    Wolfgang Ahlers Jun 25, 2004

    This is a contribution to Ron Daenzer's great "Eight Queens Problem" script. The object of the game is to cover the chess board with as few queens as possible.

  • Eight Queens Problem 4
    Ronald Daenzer Jun 9, 2004

    This is a JavaScript that involves the movement of the Queen in Chess. Simply place eight queens on a chess board without conflict.

  • Eight Queens Problem 2
    Jun 9, 2004

    This is a JavaScript that involves the movement of the Queen in Chess. Simply place eight queens on a chess board without conflict.

  • Eight Queens Problem 3
    Ronald Daenzer Jun 9, 2004

    Eight Queens Problem This is a JavaScript that involves the movement of the Queen in Chess. Simply place eight queens on a chess board without conflict.

  • Memory by Markus
    Markus Eichenberger May 28, 2004

    This is a memory game with nice cat pictures. You can choose between 10 speed levels (0=slowest 9=fastest). The highscore will be saved as a cookie or in a file on webserver (PHP Script).

  • MarkSix Generator
    Chin Ching Wing May 21, 2004

    "Mark Six Generator is Javascript which generates 6 to 48 random numbers out of pool of 49 numbers. "

  • Sparkles Battle Simulator
    Sparkles Apr 26, 2004

    "Battle opponents with characters you can select. This script uses JavaScript to create a role playing game."

  • Magic 8 Ball
    Galen D. Apr 24, 2004

    This magic 8 ball JavaScript will answer any of your yes/no questions that you may have about the future.

  • Box-in
    Herb Hasler Apr 15, 2004

    Box-in is a cute single player game made completely in JavaScript.

  • Knight Game
    Ben Joffe Mar 30, 2004

    This logic game is simple and fun to play. Simply move the knight in legal knight chess moves to every square on the board in as few moves as possible.

  • LottoCheck
    Geoffrey Beulque Mar 9, 2004

    With this script you can check your lottoform with the winning numbers. You can also save your form into a cookie, so it loads automatically the next time you run the script.

  • Tetrablox
    Ben Joffe Mar 5, 2004

    Clearing lines is the name of the game. Different levels and customizable backgrounds make this a lot of fun.

  • Web Poker
    Richard Hucko Feb 28, 2004

    This script allows you to add a fun poker game to your site.

  • Guess That Phrase
    Richard Hucko Feb 20, 2004

    This script is a fun game that has random phrases that you have to guess. Just click on a letter to start.

  • JS Slot Machine
    Richard Hucko Feb 18, 2004

    A fun little script to add to your web site. To play just press any key. Hold the key down to play multiple times.

  • Snakes and Ladders Game
    John Chacko Feb 10, 2004

  • Star Wars Name
    Aaron Holmes Feb 4, 2004

    "This script will take anyone's first and last name, and use an algorithm to create the names like from the famous trilogy""."

  • Chess Player v1.0 2
    Jan 20, 2004

    This 2 player JavaScript chess will only allow you to make legal moves. Moves include, pawn promotion, castling and even the en passent!

  • Minesweeper Clone
    Chris Todd Jan 13, 2004

    Another clone where you locate hidden mines on a grid by making guesses about where they are located and using clues provided by the computer. Place flags by holding the shift button while clicking on a tile. Win the game by flagging all the bombs, and uncovering the remaining tiles.

  • Tiger and Bull Chess
    Alexander Wu Jan 9, 2004

    This is a JavaScript Chess Game for kids. This script won't allow users to make non-compliant moves and gives hints. Instructions included.

  • Tee Box 2
    Jason Fondren Jan 5, 2004

    Tee Box is a little logic game with a golf theme. The game board is an 8x8 grid of grass surrounded by 32 golf balls teed up and ready to drive.

  • Crazy Lego Man Game
    Joe Bob Dec 4, 2003

    Try to click on the moving lego man 30 times, while ranking higher as you go. Difficulty level can be set.

  • Type Game
    Ben Joffe Nov 14, 2003

    The object of the game is to type as fast as the computer is spitting out letters. Press the same button as the first letter on the line. The game slowly speeds up and gets more difficult. Good luck!