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Game Scripts - Page 19

These scripts are all JavaScript games. Play the classic games Mastermind or Tic-Tac-Toe or any one of the dozen other games. If you plan to use these scripts, please remember that these scripts have some of the longest and most complicated source codes of any scripts in our archives. (Only modify these scripts if you are sure you know what you are doing!) Every entry now also has a Source Code option so you may see the EXACT JavaScript code used to create the game. General questions about games scripts should be posted to The JavaScript Forum.

  • Checks Out!
    Anonymous Dec 24, 1998

    Similar to Lights Out. Can choose from 15 different levels and even set a maximum number of moves for a greater challenge.

  • High-Speed Puzzle
    Peter Dec 23, 1998

    High-speed puzzle is easy to learn and hard to win. Time is your enemy. Frame-construction (sorry). The JavaScript source is hidden in the file Main.html. Study it! Use it! Improve it! Have fun! >>> Download more free fun-scripts from <<<

  • TOBY
    Anonymous Dec 23, 1998

    Toby is a little blue guy that dances, blows up, goes away, and comes back again.

  • Lights On
    Kenneth Dec 22, 1998

    The classic game of lights has been around for a while. The rules are simple. The objective of the game is to turn all 25 'lights' on. Clicking a square will toggle its light (as well as the lights of all horizontally and vertically adjacent squares) on and off. Seems easy, but it's pretty hard.

  • Battleship
    David Dec 20, 1998

    Cool checkbox based battleship game against the computer.

  • Holiday Alert
    David Dec 20, 1998

    Uses a popup for some holidays when a person logs on, and counts down the days until christmas starting december 1.

  • Hard Block
    Adam Dec 4, 1998

    "Remember ""Pong""?? Well, here is the one player version"

  • J.S.Falcon
    Adam Dec 4, 1998

    This is about the best javascript game ever made(lol). I hope that you take the time to nominate it, and put it on your own page too.

  • Reactions
    Adam Dec 4, 1998

    This is a rather math related game. The object is to push the stop button as soon as the dialouge box tells you too. You get five try's, and it gives you a total, and average time. Have Fun!!!!

  • Tetris
    Adam Dec 4, 1998

    What is there to say about Tetris?

  • Drag Stuff Around the Screen
    Peter Dec 3, 1998

    Requires DHTML capable browser. VBscript included for IE 4.

  • Your Age In Dog Years
    Anonymous Dec 2, 1998

    This script comes up with a prompt after you click on a button. It asks you for your age, and then it gives you your age in dog years.

  • JavaScript Quiz
    Patrick Nov 22, 1998

    This Trivia Quiz script is self-sufficient: Each question is added as a form with the correct answer in the form as a hidden field.

  • Football Pro ver. 1.5
    Anon Nov 17, 1998

    Neat little game I made. DO NOT CLICK in the playing field!

  • Pac Man!!
    Joshua Nov 17, 1998

    Try This Cool Game..... Powered By JavaScript!! Please Nominate If You Like It.

  • Mr. Potato Head
    Joshua Nov 16, 1998

    He's Mr. Potato Head, Powered By Java Script!! Check It Out!! Please Nominate If You Like It.

  • Pong!!
    Joshua Nov 16, 1998

    This is a really simple JavaScript game. Just use your paddle to keep the ball from touching the bottom of the playing field. It's impressive that JavaScript can make a game like this! Please Nominate If You Like.

  • Question
    Joshua Nov 16, 1998

    Try This Cute Game!! Please Nominate If You Like It.

  • Battle Bots
    Tim Nov 6, 1998

    I'm just trying to promote my company by posting one of our early games. It is one of the best on the net today. I posted the wrong image though so it doesn't say Battle Bots but you can figure it out. Battle a bot agianst a friend. TRY IT!!!! Visit for more games.

  • Jussin kotisivu
    Anonymous Nov 4, 1998

  • The Game Kinda Like BlackJack
    Jaguar2 Nov 1, 1998

    Its a game that uses numbers just like Blackjack Same rules just no 11's Really Fun Please nominate me :) If u like this one I have some more coming email me and Ill give ya my site where I have a couple more sitting :)

  • very simple roulette
    Joerg Oct 30, 1998

    a very simple roulette game

  • Shotgun Saturday Night
    Tim Oct 27, 1998

    The FIRST & BEST Online Wrestling Game! Created by the worldwide leader in Javascript games, Red Planet Games! Featuring 140+ moves, 28 specials, 14 wrestlers, and more!!! A must see!!!

  • Madd Cows
    FrAnCe Oct 14, 1998

    Cows udder odd phrases. Fun!

  • Ping Pong!
    Bill Oct 1, 1998

    I great little game where you hit the ball with your paddle...