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Verify/Notify for Duplicate Fields

Patrick Fitzgerald Nov 14, 2007


When requesting certain information, such as an e-mail address or a password, it's usually best to have the user enter the information twice in order to verify that a typing error did not occur. This script will do just that, and will provide a message for your user that it has been done.


Re-enter Password:



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Not sure what you're talking about. There is no CAPTCHA verification image, nor is there any "Hear it!" msg.

Lee Dec 4, 2007

BTW: Using Firefox 2.0+ the CAPTCHA verification image does NOT display when the page first loaded and the "Hear it!" msg is barely understandable.

D Keane Nov 27, 2007

I do know it works because I just sent it to myself. You might check how your system filters the e-mail from Mine is set to filter it to a separate directory and so the e-mail from this site (including code) also gets filtered there.

Lee Nov 21, 2007

I'm having the same problem as chris. I can copy/paste the scripts, but when I email the script to myself it never gets to my inbox. It is not being filtered by my mail program. I get other email from

Al Nov 20, 2007

why can I not download anything from this website.

chris Nov 15, 2007