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Wesley Riley Nov 5, 2007


This script grabs all of the select boxes on the page and renders them in divs at the bottom. Useful when you need to copy options from a select box.

(The demo below will also render any other group of select boxes displayed elsewhere on this page.)

Music Type

Instrument Type


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The explanation under the "General" tab explains it. It doesn't say that the dropdown boxes will disappear. Those familiar with JavaScript will understand it just fine.[br /][br /]The link to the author's site is just that ... the author's site. It's not "meant to be a link to pages where the JavaScript is shown and/or explained."[br /][br /]If you have further questions pertaining its use, you will need to submit your question to the [a href=""]JavaScript Forum[/a] for further help.

Lee Nov 21, 2007

Selecting only does ... select.[br /]I see no changes. What's this meant to do?[br /]On my IE7 screen the dropdown boxes still appear at the top.[br /][br /]I'm afraid that -- apart from the author -- no one understands what this is doing unless investing loads of time.[br /][br /]What is the meaning of providing a url to family pictures? It is meant to be a link to pages where the JavaScript is shown and/or explained.

Thierry Nov 17, 2007

Very Cool. Great Job.

Bruce Collins Nov 5, 2007