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Outsmart Google's Toolbar

Jon Jensen Nov 26, 2007


Use this script to eliminate the yellow-colored fields in your forms caused by Google's AutoFill feature. Also provides a bit of info for your visitors.


The Google Toolbar has an AutoFill feature that allows Google to remember your personal information so that it can automatically populate form fields for you. Fields such as name, address, and phone will all turn yellow if AutoFill is enabled. However, many people do not use that feature (and don't know how to turn it off). Yet still, when they come to a form on a Web page, certain fields are colored yellow. This can cause a bit of confusion (e.g., "Are these the only required fields?"). This script will eliminate the color change and give an explanation to those who need one. It will only display in IE browsers that have the Google Toolbar with AutoFill enabled.

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