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Multi-Value Drop-Down List

Jay Rumsey Apr 4, 2007


Using a drop-down menu, this script will provide different values, depending on the user's selection. Easily added to any form.


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Lee May 12, 2008

Ryan, due to the limitations of these comments, you will need to submit your question to the [a href=""]JavaScript Forum[/a] for further help.

Lee Underwood Jan 29, 2008

Hi,[br /]I am not very knowlegeable with javascript source so I jump on here a lot for help.[br /][br /]Can you tell me how you can focus on a selection in the jumpmenu on load and display the div associated with the loaded selection?[br /][br /]Thanks,

Ryan Jan 9, 2008

hi,[br /][br /]hw do i change the size of the drop down list? below is my code:[br /][br /][code removed]

felicia Dec 13, 2007

Thanks !

matius Dec 12, 2007