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Live Telephone Number Validation

Rob Sheldrake Mar 23, 2007


Simple telephone number validation. This script makes sure the user enters only numbers, brackets, hyphens, or spaces. A plus (+) may be entered as the first character. Just add it to your form validation routine.


Implement with onkeyup="validatephone(this);" on desired field

Add any symbols after the '@' symbol in the line of characters to block characters such as brackets

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Thanks for sharing this.

suneel Oct 12, 2007

thats a nice code thanks dude.... :-)

lakshmi Sep 26, 2007

Its really helpful man... thank you..:-)[br /] Keep going...

raghunandan Jul 31, 2007

Hi.. it is very nice man, keep it up... It helps really helps for me a lot.[br /][br /]Thank you,[br /]Reddy Prasad

Reddy Prasad Jul 12, 2007

Great stuff,and very useful to me

Mujeeb Rahman Apr 1, 2007