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EDITABLE Dropdown, ListBox, ComboBox

Subrata Chakrabarty Mar 8, 2006

"DropDown / Listbox / Combobox with any one option as Editable & the rest as readonly. It like a textbox and a dropdown at the same time.


  1. Any one of the dropdown options can be made Editable (for example either the first or last option can be made editable).
  2. Rest of the options are read-only (as in a normal dropdown).
  3. Press [ <- ] and [ -> ] arrow keys on the keyboard to change alignment/flow.
  4. Editable Option: Press ""BackSpace"" to remove the last typed character .
  5. Editable Option: Press ""Delete"" to remove all typed characters .
  6. The Editable Dropdown can be customized to the multiple formats
  7. Does not tolerate the famous ""Backspace"" bug or ""automatic Jump"" bug.
  8. The characters to be allowed/disallowed in Editable Option can be customized.
  9. Overcomes all the bugs I have come across in other logic/codes for Editable dropdowns.

It works beautifully !!! "

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