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 Company:  Company Number:
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  • The above is a sample complex registration form. Despite a number of fields Tigra Validator helps to fill it easily step-by-step - just fill the first field, press "Enter" and fill focus will be shifted to next required or misfilled field
  • Captions of wrongly filled fields are highlighted with red colored bold font on form submit try
  • "First Name", "Last Name", "Company", "Company Number", "Street Address", "City", "Post Code", "Country", "Telephone Number", "E-mail" and "General information" are required fields
  • See that select-boxes are checked if a value selected in them as well
  • "Submit" and "Reset" button go disabled when form validation is successfull

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    [removed] // form fields description structure var a_fields = { 'title': { 'l': 'Title', // label 'r': false, // required 'f': 'alpha', // format (see below) 't': 't_title',// id of the element to highlight if input not validated 'm': null, // must match specified form field 'mn': 2, // minimum length 'mx': 10 // maximum length }, 'first_name':{'l':'First Name','r':true,'f':'alpha','t':'t_first_name'}, 'last_name':{'l':'Last Name','r':true,'f':'alpha','t':'t_last_name'}, 'company':{'l':'Company','r': true,'t':'t_company'}, 'company_number':{'l':'Company Number','r':true,'f':'unsigned','t':'t_company_number'}, 'street_address':{'l':'Street Address','r':true,'t':'t_street_address'}, 'city':{'l':'City','r':true,'f':'alpha','t':'t_city'}, 'county':{'l':'County','r':false,'f':'alphanum','t':'t_county'}, 'post_code':{'l':'Post Code','r':true,'f':'unsigned','t':'t_post_code'}, 'country':{'l':'Country','r':true,'t':'t_country'}, 'telephone_number':{'l':'Telephone Number','r':true,'f':'phone','t':'t_telephone_number'}, 'email':{'l':'E-mail','r':true,'f':'email','t':'t_email'}, 'general_information':{'l':'General information','r':true,'t':'t_general_information'} }, o_config = { 'to_disable' : ['Submit', 'Reset'], 'alert' : 1 } // validator constructor call var v = new validator('registration', a_fields, o_config) [removed] [removed] var my_tag = displayDFPTag("ciu"); [removed](my_tag); [removed]

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