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JavaScriptSource Staff Jul 29, 2004
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 Title:  First Name:  Last Name:
 Company:  Company Number:
 Street address:
 Street Address ln2:
 City:  County:  Post Code:
 Country:  Telephone Number:
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  • The above is a sample complex registration form. Despite a number of fields Tigra Validator helps to fill it easily step-by-step - just fill the first field, press "Enter" and fill focus will be shifted to next required or misfilled field
  • Captions of wrongly filled fields are highlighted with red colored bold font on form submit try
  • "First Name", "Last Name", "Company", "Company Number", "Street Address", "City", "Post Code", "Country", "Telephone Number", "E-mail" and "General information" are required fields
  • See that select-boxes are checked if a value selected in them as well
  • "Submit" and "Reset" button go disabled when form validation is successfull

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