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Blinking Textbox Effect

JavaScriptSource Staff Jun 6, 2007


This script will place the cursor in a designated textbox, causing its background to blink a specified color for a pre-determined amount of seconds. This will highlight the textbox on the Web page in order to draw attention to it.



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Works for me in FF 2.

Lee Oct 31, 2008

It doesn't work with Firefox

Ron Sep 15, 2008

That would defeat the purpose of this particular script. You might want to check over in the [a href=""]Text Effects[/a] section to find what you're looking for.

Lee Nov 21, 2007

Hi this is great.[br /][br /]Is it possible to make it works for the text only instead of the whole box?[br /][br /]Well let say we set the default value of that textbox:[br /]<input id="name" value="test">[br /][br /]How to make it blinks?[br /][br /]Thanks!

richardson Nov 21, 2007

Works fine for me, James.

Lee Jul 10, 2007