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Basic Validation

JavaScriptSource Staff Apr 14, 1999


This is a simple method to require your visitors to fill out certain fields in a form. Just add the word "required" to each required field's name and your visitor must fill it out to submit the form.



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Thank you so much for this. Exactly what i was after. Simple, easy to plug in to an existing form.

Spencer Sep 17, 2013

Hi, Thanks for the script above, do you know how I could validate a group of select lists? The form I'm working on has 10 select lists and I want the viewer to select a minimum of 1 item out of those 10 select lists before the form can be submited. Would be grateful for your help, thank you. Pete

Pete Oct 1, 2012

Just what I needed thanks!

M Yelverton Nov 18, 2008

Thanks for the sript. Because I need my field names to be what they are and not have "required" in front of them, I made a change to the script. I gave each form element an ID of required_xxx where xxx is any prompt - works with spaces and seems much friendlier than the field name.[br /][br /]The only change tot the js file was replacing "name" with "id".[br /][br /]Thanks for the script.

Liz Maher Aug 5, 2008

If you don't want to change the name of the field, you can use the basic validation script on the "ID" tag instead. Here are the changes to the basicValidation script:[br /][br /]...[br /]if (,8)=="required") {[br /]...,30).toUpperCase();[br /][br /][br /]Inside of the HTML tag:[br /][br /]<input id="requiredLogin Name" type=text name="Login_Name" value="">[br /][br /]HAVE FUN and thanks for the basicValidation script!!!

db Jun 18, 2008