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Auto Fill

Vladimir Geshanov Apr 11, 2005


Set a text field value in one window by entering text in another window.

(click on "help" to open the new window)

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  • Created by: Vladimir Geshanov
  • Posted: April 11, 2005

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Lee Oct 31, 2008

Great code![br /][br /]Do you know of anyway of doing this for an outside website?[br /][br /]I am developing a password manager for the users at my company. This will be on our intranet.[br /][br /]Is there anyway to send values from one website to another website (if you know the field names) without having to modify the code of the website you are sending the values to?[br /][br /]I know that sounds complicated.[br /][br /]Thanks for your time!

Jason May 27, 2008