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Auto Email Link

JavaScriptSource Staff Feb 21, 2001


Automatically creates a new e-mail utilizing the user's default e-mail client. The script fills in the subject line and adds the URL of the current Web page to the body. Note: May not be compatible with all e-mail clients.

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Lee Oct 31, 2008

very good

veera Aug 18, 2008

I am trying to get my form (Reservation) on my website to send by email.[br /] When you push send, it will not send. I tried everything. I am not all that savy with terms and how toos.[br /]If you can help me or it this form will help me I would be grateful.[br /][br /]Liz

Liz Willliams Apr 18, 2008

The script not working. I am using a web development software which has a header component, literal component (it runs any javascript and html code directly from the server). I put the head code in the header component, the body in the literal component, and the external file code in our pre-defined folder .js. What am I missing to run the code. I can see the fform text box and button but when I click on the button nothing happens.

Victor Lee May 15, 2007