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Anywhere Mail

JavaScriptSource Staff Aug 4, 1999


This script will let visitors send e-mail to anyone, at any time.

E-Mail Someone!


  • Posted: August 4, 1999

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You would need a guestbook script with that capability.

Lee Oct 3, 2007

Have you tried the script? After getting the e-mail address and subject, it opens your e-mail client, so you can put in the message there.

Lee Oct 3, 2007

I would like to put something like a guest book on my website and then receive the user suggestions to my e-mail address can this script help me ?

david Sep 5, 2007

So, basically, you can only mail someone with a subject? It's no use if the user cannot send a message too.

Me Sep 1, 2007

Nice, but if there's no specified mail client (something like that, at least on mine) it makes the browser open a ton of pages trying to "" ...

MP Apr 21, 2007