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All Upper Case

JavaScriptSource Staff Aug 4, 1999


Converts the text to all uppercase letters as soon as focus is removed from the textbox or the submit button is clicked.


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  • Posted: August 4, 1999

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so simple...[br /]thx

Fatens Mar 27, 2008

Thanks. Elegantly simple for controlling user input with an overly complicated .NET GIS site/backend.

--- Dec 26, 2007

can you share the source code for alternating upper case and lower case string??[br /]example when inputed string is house,[br /]the output should be HoUsE

john Dec 11, 2007

Excellent. Just what I needed! Thank you![br /]Very useful in the Post(Zip) Code field where lower case l's (L) and number 1's look similar.

Pete Nash Jul 7, 2007

Thank you for your help. You make my job easier/possible!

asd May 16, 2007