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All Lower Case

JavaScriptSource Staff Aug 10, 1999


Converts the text to all lowercase letters as soon as focus is removed from the textbox or the submit button is clicked.


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  • Posted: August 10, 1999

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This script worked the best out of five that I tried. What a simple code for a simple task. Thank you!

Brian Kennedy Jun 18, 2008

Marvette,[br /][br /]You should check out [a href=""]this script.[/a] I believe it is what you are looking for.

Lee Jul 26, 2007

Why does it convert all characters?[br /]For example: How do I convert[br /][br /]HELLO! WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS.[br /][br /]into[br /][br /]Hello! We are the champions.

Marvette Jul 3, 2007