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Adding Options

Rick Johnson Aug 3, 2005


Add or change options on a form select menu. Simple script, includes comments.

Add choices 1 and 2
Add choices 3 and 4
Add all choices
Clear all choices


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While the general idea is there this code is sloppy because it fails to remove blank entries, but instead only makes them blank. The script should start by clearing all entries (length=0) before writing new ones.

Jeremy Jun 19, 2007

The code is easy to understand, but I would want to add deleting option part to the code. If someone choose 'all choices' and then choose '1&2', the code will still leave '3&4' in it. It could be easily edited by setting those unused options to null.

AsianGrad Feb 28, 2007

My mom is trying to do something similar.She is trying to make it so you chose something from one dropdown menu, it will change the options in another. I sent her the URL to this script, so she could get a little help.TG for this script.

Hayhay Feb 4, 2007