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Form Scripts - Page 8

These scripts (and a few tutorials) all deal with Javascript forms. We'll show you some really neat forms that keep you from receiving bogus information as well as others that are just fun to play with (test personal info).

In addition, be sure to check our snippets section for additional form-related scripts.

As always, we're here if you have any questions or comments. General questions about form scripts here should be posted to The JavaScript Forum.

  • Country Chooser
    Steve S Jan 8, 2005

    "Here's a useful script for a form that needs to know the visitor's country. It saves giving a huge list of countries in one box. For the USA, it also asks the state. "

  • Currency Finder
    Steve S Jan 8, 2005

    "This script lets the user find out the name of a country's currency with a pop-up list. Users with IE4 will also see coloured backgrounds and text in the form fields.Only a few currencies are listed, but the list can be easily extended or altered for other purposes. "

  • Form Focus
    Steve S Jan 8, 2005

    "Here's a helpful little script for anyone who has ever made a form and wants to have the cursor pop into their first field when the page is loaded. The visitor can start typing straight away, without moving the mouse. "

  • Length Converter
    Steve S Jan 8, 2005

    "Convert units from one to another. Simply choose the unit you want to use, type the value in the field next to it, and click the 'Convert' button. "

  • Many Search Engine
    Steve S Jan 8, 2005

    "This script supplies all the search engines you could ever want on one page. You can decide whether to open a new window, either normal size or small, or continue with the same window. Great! "

  • Menu List
    Steve S Jan 8, 2005

    "Menu list in form. You scroll the form, select an item, press ""go"" button and go to selected site "

  • Removing HTML
    Steve S Jan 8, 2005

    "This script is intended to ensure that people do not use HTML tags in form messages, Web forums, and so on. Type some text with HTML tags in the box to try it out. "

  • Simple Shopping Cart
    Steve S Jan 8, 2005

    "This will allow your visitors to choose from a list of priced items. The script will tally the items, add the tax and send the order to you. "

  • Browser and Screen Resolution Detector
    anonomous Jan 1, 2005

    Script to detect what resolution the screen is and what browser is being used.

  • Page/Frame Scroller
    vasile barsan Dec 29, 2004

    Scrolls automatically up and down any page/frame.

  • HDate
    Ira Sterbakov Dec 9, 2004

    "HDate script is placed between the <form> and </form> statements. It will add a hidden value called HDate with a local time-date stamp. After submitting the information the script will e-mail you the information to the e-mail you specify."

  • Menu by Object
    Dana Andrews Nov 24, 2004

    Set a menu by using and reusing an object

  • Multi-Date Picker
    Chu GShou-Chih Nov 1, 2004

    This script allows you to simply pick dates by clicking the date of the dynamic calendar. Users can cancel their selection by re- clicking the date you have selected. The dates you picked will show on the textarea beside the calendar.

  • SelList Script
    Ira Sterbakov Oct 18, 2004

    This JavaScript is a function to display multiple values based on a select list value. It is made to add or subtract entries or change the order of the list easily.

  • DCScript Login 2.0
    Dante Evans Oct 15, 2004

    A simple but somewhat hard-to-hack login script.

  • Selected Values Form
    Ira Sterbakov Aug 21, 2004

    "This script is a function to set values in a text box in a second form from a Select option list in the first form. This may be modified to go over frames also. "

  • SelVal
    Ira Sterbakov Aug 20, 2004

    This JavaScript is a simple one line function to load a text box in a form based on a selection from a Select list in another form.

  • Demo Val
    Jul 29, 2004

    Tigra Form Validator is free JavaScript component performing client side form validation. With this feature set the script can be used with HTML forms of virtually any complexity.

  • Tigra Form Validator
    Jul 29, 2004

    Tigra Form Validator is free JavaScript component performing client side form validation. With this feature set the script can be used with HTML forms of virtually any complexity. (07/29/2004)

  • ShowDivP2
    Ira Sterbakov Jun 9, 2004

    "This script is a function for dynamic form composition from a select option. "

  • Category Form Script
    Vladimir Geshanov Mar 20, 2004

    Once a main category is selected, a sub-category of that group is loaded for further selection. Great for different brands or subjects.

  • Word Counter
    Patrick Lewis Mar 12, 2004

    This is a handy script that counts the words (or characters) entered into a textarea and limits it to 100 words or less (this can be changed).

  • DCScript Word Counter
    Dante Evans Dec 20, 2003

    This script will count the number of words you enter into the textarea.

  • Form Validator (text/select/textarea)
    romack natividad Dec 17, 2003

    "This form validator is also a questions generator. Simply input the data and click ""Save Changes."""

  • Enter Key Focus
    Ritesh Sutaria Dec 3, 2003

    Form users can move to next text field by pressing the enter key, same as if you were to press the TAB key.