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Form Scripts - Page 7

These scripts (and a few tutorials) all deal with Javascript forms. We'll show you some really neat forms that keep you from receiving bogus information as well as others that are just fun to play with (test personal info).

In addition, be sure to check our snippets section for additional form-related scripts.

As always, we're here if you have any questions or comments. General questions about form scripts here should be posted to The JavaScript Forum.

  • Phone number formatter
    Kyle Hayes Jun 27, 2005

    Formats phone number to the standard (xxx)xxx-xxxx format.

  • DES Password Pro
    Christopher Doman Jun 22, 2005

    A multiple-user JavaScript login form creator that uses DES.

  • JavaScript Diagram Builder
    Lutz Tautenhahn May 23, 2005

    Freeware library of objects and functions to display and dynamically modify coordinate diagrams and charts on Web pages.

  • E-Mail This Page
    May 20, 2005

    Let your visitors e-mail your Web pages to their friends.

  • CSUM
    Ira Sterbakov May 13, 2005

    A function to sum input boxes and display in text rounded to two places with dollar sign. It also sends result with submit and has a reset.

  • Auto-Sum Form Boxes
    Jim Stiles May 13, 2005

    This script will automatically total boxes in a form. Use it to keep a running total of quantites or prices in an order form.

  • Set TextArea
    Ira Sterbakov May 8, 2005

    A simple example of setting a textarea by clicking one of several buttons.

  • HSubTime
    Ira Sterbakov Apr 28, 2005

    A function to send the form submit time in a hidden input, and an unique Reference Number based on the local computer clock in milliseconds in a div that appears after submission.

  • One Check
    Mike Best Apr 22, 2005

    Only allow one box to be checked out of any number of boxes. Handy for quizzes, etc.

  • Form Acknowledgement Page
    Apr 13, 2005

    This page is called by a Javascript function. The purpose is to inform the visitor that their input has been successfully recorded. A button is provided to enable the visitor to close the window for this page and return to the page that created it.

  • Auto Fill
    Vladimir Geshanov Apr 11, 2005

    Set a text field value in one window by entering text in another window.

  • Self-Duplicating HTML Spreadsheet (for IE5+)
    F. Kapnistos Apr 4, 2005

    Save and open spreadsheet files in HTML format.

  • Field Show
    Vladimir Geshanov Apr 1, 2005

    Use radio buttons to display a field for your users to add input to your forms.

  • Character Counter
    Mar 28, 2005

    Use this script to limit the number of characters allowed in an input box. It will display the number of characters left. Easy to modify.

  • Expanding /Contracting Table
    Steve Waring Mar 21, 2005

    A table that gains a new row as you key into the bottom row; rows are deleted when their cells no longer contain text.

  • E-mail Director
    Jon Eyrick Mar 2, 2005

    Use a button or link to send e-mail using the visitor's e-mail program.

  • Show DivId
    Ira Sterbakov Feb 28, 2005

    A function for dynamic form compositions from a Select option.

  • Form Set Validator
    Kelly Johnson Feb 17, 2005

    Validates forms based on their set attribute (required or optional) and validates if required fields test true against their respective regular expressions.

  • Disable Form Controls
    Paul McFedries Feb 9, 2005

    Here's a simple form that contains a check box and a text box. Unless the check box is activated, you won't be able to enter anything into the text box.

  • Word Filter
    Premshree Pillai Feb 4, 2005

    This form validator filters pre-selected words in a text box. When the user submits text, the validator will check the words against the list of banned words.

  • New Creation
    Richard Hucko Jan 29, 2005

    New Creation is DHTML effect that is great for an Intro Page or a Flashy Header! A combination of text effects that modify a string of text. Speed and related variables modifiable.

  • EDITABLE Dropdown ( ListBox / ComboBox )
    Subrata Chakrabarty Jan 22, 2005

    EDITABLE Dropdown (ListBox/ComboBox) -- DropDown with any one option as Editable and the rest as readonly - for Netscape and Internet Explorer.

  • Form Field Help
    Jan 19, 2005

    Add a help link to each section in your form. When clicked, an explanation is given of what is required and a box is offered where the information can be entered and transferred to the form.

  • Process Form
    Jan 19, 2005

  • Set Input
    Ira Sterbakov Jan 14, 2005

    "A method to load a variable number of input text fields into a form based on a select value. "