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Form Scripts - Page 27

These scripts (and a few tutorials) all deal with Javascript forms. We'll show you some really neat forms that keep you from receiving bogus information as well as others that are just fun to play with (test personal info).

In addition, be sure to check our snippets section for additional form-related scripts.

As always, we're here if you have any questions or comments. General questions about form scripts here should be posted to The JavaScript Forum.

  • E-Mail Form Redirector
    Wayne Apr 16, 1998

    This Script manages a customizable form and allows for the form to be mailed to defined E-Mail addresses. It is helpful for instance in an office where different questions should go to different people.

  • Form Redirect-- Without CGI Acess
    Lunatyc Apr 16, 1998

    This is a short little thing that lets users click on a submit button and be redirected to another page, without using a cgi script that sends a redirect command. Fewer http requests = faster service for your users

  • Do you know What Currency in France, Germany or else where?
    Alex Apr 13, 1998

    The script tells what currency is in certain country.this is a great database as well

  • A email post and validator that works!
    Tenebrous Apr 8, 1998

    Yeah, thats right, unlike all the other forms with validators on this site, this works, and its documented too.

  • button link
    mike Apr 3, 1998

    "when you click on a button it takes you to another site makes links look more attractive! <A HREF="""">check this out!</a>"

  • AutoSelect
    Jeff Apr 2, 1998

    This is a drop down box that needs no button.

  • AutoSelect New Window
    Jeff Apr 2, 1998

    A AutoSelect drop down box that needs no buttons and opens a new window.

  • No Underline Links
    Jeff Apr 2, 1998

    Gets rid of the underlines on links

  • Name guess
    Zach Mar 22, 1998

    type in a name. If you enter the incorrect name, it will transfer you away.

  • Date Validation
    Jay Mar 19, 1998

    Want to make sure your users entered date is a valid date? This is for you!

  • Multiple Choice Exercise
    Donny Mar 14, 1998

    This is just an online multiple choice exercise. You have to answer all the questions, submit your answers and get your score back.

  • multiple dropdown links
    ifni Mar 13, 1998

    This script allows multiple pulldown boxes to be posted on one page, with as many links as desired. You can put as many pulldown boxes as you want. Simple script.

  • Form
    Anonymous Mar 10, 1998

    Make a form!

  • Form Element Killer
    Matt Mar 10, 1998

    A form element disabler

  • Automatic Form Submittion
    Mark Feb 27, 1998

    See Title!

  • Simple jump box
    Danny Feb 27, 1998

    A really simple script for a jump box.

  • User Time1.0
    Danny Feb 27, 1998

    A script to put on your HD that computer user can log in an out and it will keep record of the time's that got on, off, and how much time they had spent on. This only work perrmitting the program is left on that page.

  • Automatic showing or closing a window
    Rune Feb 26, 1998

    This script lets you show a window inside a timelimit.

  • Mortgage Loan Calculator Version 2
    Steven Feb 24, 1998

    Designed using OO pattern MVC (Model, View, Controller) the same design pattern used to create Java Beans! An updated version of the original Mortgage loan calculator by the same author - using advanced Javascript FORM Validation techniques. Calculates monthly payment, bi-weekly payments,total interest and generates an amortized table using JavaScript OBJECTS!!!! This version includes... - Updated currency format and rounding function - Updated custom objects Check it out.. all comments welcomed. -SDW-

  • Write your E-mail:
    Anonymous Feb 24, 1998

    Write your E-mail:

  • Password Script
    Anonymous Feb 23, 1998

    Javascript Passsword Script

  • Nerd Calculator
    Grant Feb 22, 1998

    Survey to find out how big a computer nerd you are

  • Popup Navigation
    Bains Feb 22, 1998

    A popup menu that allows your users to navigate the site, VERY Easy to edit.

  • form verification & graphical submit/reset buttons
    Donald Feb 19, 1998

    [No Summary]

  • System Stealer
    Anonymous Feb 19, 1998

    This SIte Gets The Version And User Of The Computer/WebTV That Your Using. Real-Act