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Form Scripts - Page 26

These scripts (and a few tutorials) all deal with Javascript forms. We'll show you some really neat forms that keep you from receiving bogus information as well as others that are just fun to play with (test personal info).

In addition, be sure to check our snippets section for additional form-related scripts.

As always, we're here if you have any questions or comments. General questions about form scripts here should be posted to The JavaScript Forum.

    Tom Jul 18, 1998

    select a site from the options menu then click submit and go there!

  • Changing Button Script
    Anonymous Jul 16, 1998

    Everytime you click on this button it changes!

  • Post Name Script
    Anonymous Jul 15, 1998

    Personalize your page by letting users post their name on your page.

  • Countdown to the millenium
    andries Jul 14, 1998

    This forms shows a countdown to th eyear 2000

  • Sign Guestbook on Unload
    Carlos Jul 11, 1998

    Ask your visitors to sign your guestbook. If they say cancel, they get a goodbye message. But you can change it to an URL of your choice.

  • No Profanity Please II
    Kenneth Jul 2, 1998

    This script is similar to the first in that it can be used to make sure that people don't send you any profane comments in your forms. It checks the value of a field, and if it finds a swear word, will give an error message. However, this one is MUCH better because it is A LOT easier to use and add words to.

  • form
    Anonymous Jun 25, 1998

  • Humor: Adult Age Verification
    Bill Jun 23, 1998

    We've all seen the verification pages that precede pages of ill repute on the net, but this one keeps everyone honest....

  • hallo
    Anonymous Jun 20, 1998


  • Go-Cart 2.56
    Tim Jun 9, 1998

    New and improved Go-Cart. Go-Cart is a JavaScript shopping cart. It's super fast, and now it includes a VB front end to build all the HTML pages for you.

  • Pulldown menu w/ graphic submit button
    Anonymous Jun 8, 1998

    This pulldown menu script lets you replace the boring grey HTML submit button with a graphic. Concept also works to substitute a graphic where an HTML button is usually used.

  • Windows Emulator
    James Jun 8, 1998

    "This script creates a real looking and feeling ""windows"" effect. It uses layers and works in both IE4 and Netscape4."

    KRAZY May 28, 1998


  • Popup Pull Down Menu
    Thomas May 21, 1998

    Using JavaScript and CSSscript, a pull down menu of hyperlinks allows user to navigate quickly to other pages.

  • Alternating Image Map
    James May 15, 1998

    This script creates a nice looking drop-down menu effect.

  • Annoying Form
    Andy May 15, 1998

    Insert this little input box in a fill-out form on your page. It resets every two seconds. It'll drive your visitors nuts!!!

  • java scripts...
    Anonymous May 15, 1998

    click the button...enter your OK...your there...

  • OnMouseOver Text Field Select
    Damon May 15, 1998

    Automatically selects form field when the mouse is passed over, this is a great way to make forms feel more interactive.

  • The HTML Generator
    Anonymous May 14, 1998

    This nifty little JavaScript allows the viewer to make their own web page - and they don't need to know a scrap of HTML! Made by Michael Wieck!

  • Gastbok
    Anonymous May 12, 1998

  • Mailform
    Anonymous May 7, 1998

    A place for you to find out your visit0rs info

  • Date Time Clock
    William Apr 24, 1998

    Just another JS clock that gives Date and time

  • Email Address Menu
    Tony Apr 21, 1998

    Provides a drop-down menu for quick access to email addresses. Also provides a dynamic box for a special message coinciding with each addressee.

  • Phalkons Username and Password Script
    Phalkon Apr 20, 1998

    a Fake username and Password script.. to make it look like anyone who enters a name and pwd has an account

  • What Search Engine
    James Apr 16, 1998

    click on a link, a prompt appears, type the name of a search engine, hit OK, goto the search engines homepage! (lamely)wow