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Form Scripts - Page 25

These scripts (and a few tutorials) all deal with Javascript forms. We'll show you some really neat forms that keep you from receiving bogus information as well as others that are just fun to play with (test personal info).

In addition, be sure to check our snippets section for additional form-related scripts.

As always, we're here if you have any questions or comments. General questions about form scripts here should be posted to The JavaScript Forum.

  • Age Verification w/ Redirect
    Anonymous Oct 28, 1998

    Basic age ver. script with redirect.

  • Join [DoA]
    Anonymous Oct 27, 1998

    So you wanna join the best clan on Gamespy? Just fill out the form.

  • Personalised Thankyou Page for your visitors
    Sunil Oct 26, 1998

    This script permits the use of a personalised thankyou page for visitors who fill up a form at your site. The visitor is greeted by name on the thankyou page. This is done by passing the name as a parameter through the url .. no cookies used.

  • Social Insurance Number validator
    Carol Oct 26, 1998

    Enter a Social Insurance Number and this script will determines if it's a valid SIN number.

  • Fan Club Application
    Anonymous Oct 18, 1998

    Princess Pearl Sailormoon fan club application.

  • Best E-Mail Validation
    JasonChan Oct 16, 1998

    "Validates everything on a form. When you click on ""reset"", asks to reset all (in case you clicked wrong button)."

  • Automatic search engine submission
    Olav Oct 7, 1998

    This script will automatically submit multiple pages to popular search engines for free. Fill out one small form, click the button and watch the submission in progress.

  • Random Word Scrambler
    Adam Oct 6, 1998

    scrambles what you write

  • Fake Search Form
    Bryan Sep 28, 1998

    I needed to 'fake' a search form for a presentation of a site offline at a conference. this little script fakes one of the radio selections and sends the user to either the male or female page. could easily be expanded, changed...

  • Form Based Greeting Card Maker
    Brock Sep 28, 1998

    Fill in the form, you get a heading,picture and message; click on the button and the card is generated. You can then save the card and picture and emai it.

  • Say What I Want
    Derek Sep 28, 1998

    Tell visitors what you want them to type!

  • Scripture
    William Sep 14, 1998

    Gives you a scripture based on what you select in a form.

  • Generic Quiz
    Anonymous Sep 7, 1998

    Online True/False, Multiple Choice Quiz that gives feedback for incorrect answers and then displays the score

  • The Easiest Guestbook!
    Anonymous Sep 6, 1998

    The Easiest Way to get a guestbook.

  • Cool Textarea effect
    Josh Sep 4, 1998

    This cool textarea effect (not much) works when you go down in the textarea, after pressing the button. Created by me, put anywhere, i don't care.

  • Validate, prompt, & automatically update form.
    N Sep 2, 1998

    Checks any or all elements of a form, if parameters are not met, prompts user for the information and automatically updates the form. NS3, NS4, IE3 & IE4 compatible

  • Go-Cart
    Tim Aug 29, 1998

    A shopping cart written entirely in JavaScript. Cool, huh?

  • Ultimate email address validator
    CJ Aug 21, 1998

    Checks email address in a form for complete validity.

  • Posting 1 Form to 2 URLs
    Rob Aug 19, 1998

    This script allows you to send information from 1 form to 2 CGI/ASP/CFM scripts

  • Animated Submit Buttons!!!!
    Lyle Aug 16, 1998

    Those stupid boring buttons are over with get the animated buttons now!!!

  • Password Protector
    Anonymous Aug 15, 1998

    "This Password protector is not fancy but it does the job. It takes the page page name(i.e. ""index.html"") subtract the "".html"" and uses that as the password. Just name your page something that no one would guess and you have an UNBREAKABLE password form. If they enter some other page name then they'll be taken to that file but at least it aint you password protected page"

  • Passwords by shikkie
    Mike Aug 15, 1998

    This one will use a standard form similar to the one on the javascripts entry thing, and it checks the password by use of a .js file. Makes it a lil harder to view source to get the password

  • Selection/Scroll Down Navigation
    Anonymous Aug 14, 1998

    Use this script to help others navigate through your site with ease. If you have ever been lost on someones site, you would have found this script very useful!

  • auto menu, takes you to another page.
    John Aug 2, 1998

    This is a menu, which takes you to another page, no clicking a button required. I's easy to add more links to it, just put them as an option, and have the value be the url, I suggest you put http:// before the urls, if they go to another domain, or seprate site in your domain.

  • The Best E-mail Form around
    Nathan Jul 21, 1998

    Fill out the form and it gets e-mail to the specified address. Try it and I'll E-mail you what the form looks