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CSS Scripts - Page 2

These scripts all deal with JavaScript and its use with Cascading Style Sheets. Questions about scripts here should be posted to The JavaScript Forum.

  • Styling abbr in IE
    Marek Prokop Mar 18, 2005

    Internet Explorer for Windows does not support the <abbr> element that should be used for proper markup of abbreviations. The solution is based on one simple fact: even though IE ignores the element itself, other elements nested in the <abbr> work fine. This script wraps the content of the <abbr> with <span>, set its title and class attribute and the <abbr> tag behaves like it should.

  • Fisheye 2
    Danny Ayers Feb 28, 2005

    Add a 'fisheye' effect to your text. Move your mouse over the text and watch it change. Implemented using JavaScript and CSS.