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Cookie Scripts 2 - Page 3

These scripts all create JavaScript Cookies. Cookies are small bits of information such as a name, a date, an order, etc. JavaScripts can set cookies on a user's hard drive and retrieve them later, when needed. General questions about cookie scripts here should be posted to The JavaScript Forum.

  • JavaScript Greeting
    Anonymous Aug 16, 1998

    This script will greet anyone who loads the page with a confirm box. It will only display once each time someone quits the browser and comes back.

  • Name Banner
    mike Aug 1, 1998

    Your name shows up in a custom message!

  • Chat&Search
    Lyle Jul 21, 1998

    Chat and search at the same time!During your chat you can look up Whatever!

  • A Smart What's New Section
    Agamemnon Jul 15, 1998

    How to make a smart What's New section with cookies.

  • Customizable Page
    Bains May 15, 1998

    Customize the links, the serach, save bookmarks, a GREAT example of cookie use

  • Your Url
    Alex Apr 13, 1998

    This is VB script.IT tells you current url in a separate window

  • HTML Security Using Cookies
    Bains Mar 28, 1998

    Doesn't let unauthorized users access your page. Unbreakable!

  • Help for cookies.htm
    Anonymous Mar 12, 1998

    I would like to show the value for the first field1 to other fields.

  • Check it out!
    Mike Feb 17, 1998

    Check it out!! It takes your name, and then well... JUST CHECK IT OUT!!!

  • Cookie Crumble 1.0
    Kasper Feb 5, 1998

    This is the only cookie script that works 100% in Opera & Netscape. (haven't tried it with MSIE yet!)

  • Access Granted
    Roger Jan 31, 1998

    This is an amazing cookie

  • Cookie Name with Greeting
    Roger Jan 31, 1998

    Greets you with the time of day, name and a comment.

  • Cool Cookie
    Roger Jan 31, 1998

    This Thing Does Tones Of Stuff

  • Names Are Easy
    Roger Jan 31, 1998

    Gets user name and remembers it!

  • Pop up counter
    Roger Jan 31, 1998

    This is a pop up window that says how often the user has been

  • Symple Counter
    Roger Jan 31, 1998

    This Cookie Counts The Number Of Times A Browser Has Been To your Page

  • update Cookie
    Roger Jan 31, 1998

    Tells Users What Hacs Been Updated

  • Big Brother Effect
    Adam Jan 20, 1998

    Link to mailto:

  • BookMark Me on unload
    Brent Jan 11, 1998

    A easy script that utilizes cookies to remind the user to book mark your page and only appears once.

  • User Name
    Jul 1, 1997

    This cookie records the visitor's name. It can then be used for identification or other purposes, as needed.

  • Visits
    Jul 1, 1997

    This cookies records how many times the visitor has visited the page and writes to the page accordingly.

  • Browser Info 2
    Mattias Sjoberg Jun 30, 1997

    This cookie records the visitor's name and writes the name, along with the visitor's browser information to the page.

  • Visits - Message
    Jun 30, 1997

    This cookie records the number of visits, and displays a message showing how many visits have been recorded.