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To Do List

Pete Thompson May 10, 2001


Keep your To Do list up to date with this script. Demonstrates how to display, add, and delete items from a list of cookies.

To Do List

Add Item


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here we are 5 years later but couldn't help but comment that i found the script very useful combined with an app to have a webpage as my desktop wallpaper. now my to do list is in my face. simple to set up and use.

drew Dec 4, 2013


yuyu Oct 2, 2013

This is an old post, but Jake, seriously......[br /]I found this example very helpful for newb to cookies![br /]Thank you

John Sep 23, 2008

Well, sometimes what one person sees as useless, another sees as valuable. Also, many of these scripts are used for educational purposes.

Lee Jun 26, 2008

Well, look, it's nice but I just don't see the practical application of this? There are just so many good online to do list services... it seems silly to just place this code on a webpage and start using it or even offer it to someone else..... there TaDaList, [a href=""]ZoToDo[/a] (which i like best by the way)[br /][br /]Point being, why would anyone need a javascript code for a simple to do list?[br /]But I don't meant to be so negative, the actual to do is nice... i just don't see how it's of use to others.

Jake Mar 21, 2008