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Address Book 2

Joe Norman Jun 6, 2000


Saves an address book database as a cookie on the user's computer. In addition, the underlying code could be very beneficial for use in other projects.

Address 2:
City: State: Zip:
Phone: Fax:
Web Page:


  • Created by: Joe Norman
  • Web Site:
  • Posted: June 6, 2000

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This is a very nice address cookie script.. Thanks

Artie Jones Aug 31, 2007

at HOME >> COOKIES >> ADDRESS BOOK[br /]how do you make it so the results are shown bellow the form to add them

vinny benson May 10, 2007

pretty sweet, but it needs a search field, can someone post a way to do this?

invisus Dec 13, 2006

this is a very useful script.

bryce Dec 6, 2006

This is very good. But how do I make the form to write to a txt file in my document folder instead to a cookie. My work computer is set up to clear all the cookies when I shut down the computer.[p]Cheers[br /]Raghu

Raghu Prabhu Nov 1, 2006