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Cookie Scripts 2

These scripts all create JavaScript Cookies. Cookies are small bits of information such as a name, a date, an order, etc. JavaScripts can set cookies on a user's hard drive and retrieve them later, when needed. General questions about cookie scripts here should be posted to The JavaScript Forum.

  • Cookie Enabled
    Scott Clark Jul 4, 2010

    This script checks to see if the user has cookies enabled in his browser.

  • Daily Welcome Cookie
    Ted Man Nov 21, 2007

    This script sets a cookie, with an alert window that only comes up the first time you visit the page each day. Good for calling attention to daily specials and news updates. Can be configured to work in other ways also.

  • Cookie Redirect 2
    William Bontrager Jan 31, 2007

    When a page has performed it's purpose, a cookie can be set to redirect the browser to a different page on subsequent visits. Easily implemented.

  • JavaScript Cookies
    Joseph Myers May 1, 2006

    The JavaScript Cookies provide a complete set of cookie functions. Designed for usability, they make all the details, like setting expiration dates, easy and fast.

  • Delicious Cookies
    Mar 31, 2006

    This collection will help you to set, get, and delete cookies. It's a nice little collection that should prove to be invaluable.

  • Remember Form Data
    Steve S Feb 21, 2006

    Type whatever you like in the boxes, click outside the box, reload the page, and try to type the details again. This script uses cookies, so if you have them disabled it will of course not work.

  • Save and Restore Form Cookies
    Tony Davis Feb 3, 2006

    This script will save all of your form fields in a cookie. It includes all text fields, radio button selections, checkbox values, etc. When your visitor returns, all form fields are automatically repopulated with the same value that they entered on their last visit.

  • Cookie Enabled
    Oct 26, 2005

    This script checks to see if the user has cookies enabled in his browser. If not, it displays an alert window letting them know your site is using cookies.

  • ChangeStyle
    Pascal Vyncke Sep 11, 2005

    This script makes it possible for the user to change the style of your Web site by. The user can choose the style and it is changed on your whole site!

  • New to You
    Tom Negrino Feb 16, 2005

    Use this cookie to show your visitors what's new on your Web site since their last visit.

  • Mail Crypt
    frogstomper d Aug 4, 2001

    Encrypts small files so you can send to your friends

  • Remove Ads
    Jun 15, 2001

    Catches all clicks on ads and writes a cookie on the visitor's computer. Until the cookie expires, no ads are shown. Cool!

  • To Do List
    Pete Thompson May 10, 2001

    Keep your To Do list up to date with this script. Demonstrates how to display, add, and delete items from a list of cookies.

  • The stylish cookie
    David Ross Apr 16, 2001

    Let visitors see your see your site the way they want to.

  • get and set SubCookie
    Jeong-Hee Kang Apr 15, 2001

    "after making 4 pages with 60 cookies, I finally found only 20 cookies supported on each domain. so I build sub-cookie system, not to change structure of pages."

  • Know EVERYTHING About Your Browser
    Dave Oct 2, 2000

    This script gives the visitors browser details. It gives the name of the browser, code name of the browser, version of the browser, default language, platform, user agent, referrer and the time and date the page was loaded.

  • Background & text cookie
    Anonymous Aug 8, 2000

    This script allow the users to change the color of the background & text of the document and seves cookie with those values.

  • Bookmark Reminder
    Dan Kirkpatrick Jun 22, 2000

    Pops up the "Add to Favorites" bookmark window once a week, or after a predetermined number of days. Firefox/Netscape users are given an alert message to remind them to bookmark the site.

  • Cookie Crumb Trail
    William Jun 21, 2000

    Bead crumb trail navigation (like Yahoo) is becomming very popular. This script will remember create a bread crumb trail for your visitors to help them navigate your site better.

  • Welcoming Cookie
    Anonymous Jun 8, 2000

    This cookie displays a welcoming message to the user displaying the date and time of their last visit.

  • Address Book 2
    Joe Norman Jun 6, 2000

    Saves an address book database as a cookie on the user's computer. In addition, the underlying code could be very beneficial for use in other projects.

  • ID Tracker
    Ronnie Moore May 19, 2000

    Save a visitor's referral ID in a cookie ID on their computer. Then, you can you can access that ID cookie from the rest of your site. Useful to help you pay affiliate commissions or track Web site referrals.

  • Cookie Redirect
    Ronnie Moore May 11, 2000

    Redirects the visitor to different pages based on the value of a stored cookie. If no cookie is found, the available items are displayed for the user to pick from, which sets a cookie for their next visit.

  • Cookie Maker Works too
    Anonymous Apr 20, 2000

    well the title says it all

  • Set and Delete a cookie
    William Apr 8, 2000

    Shows in realtime the setting and deleting of cookies. Uses cookie detection.