Alphabetical Script Listing for 'U'

UNIX crypt(3) encryption

.htpasswd files use crypt(3) to generate encryptions, and this script will do it for you without UNIX or an online script! Provided in .js format for your convenience.

URL Decode/Encode

Use this script to encode/decode URL parameters. It is fully compatible with UTF-8 encoding. Very useful when you want to transfer data using Ajax technology, or for other operations which involve URL parameter manipulation.

URL List Menu

This script takes the current page location, breaks it up by the forwarding slash and returns a list of all directories, including the domain name. Each item is a hot link to the current directory.

URL Validation / The JavaScript Source

This snippet is a function that validates a URL. It can easily be added to your current validation script.

Ultimate Character Counter

This script limits the length of multiple form fields and updates the screen as information is entered. It can easily be added to an existing script.

Ultimate Form Validator

Handle all of your form validation using one script. This one will verify numeric strings; monitor the status of the CapsLock; verify empty strings, numeric, date, alphabetical, or e-mail fields; confirm passwords; verify the formatting of phone numbers; monitor the minimum/maximum numbers of input characters. Includes language-independent error messages and displays error messages in a div or using an alert box.


Give your users the option of changing their entries in your textareas. Add this script to your forms or use it in a WYSIWYG editor.

Unique Random Numbers

This script will obtain three unique random numbers. Unique values range from 0-100.

Universal Form Validator

Validate form elements of all kinds: select boxes, text fields (including spaces), radio buttons, force numbers in textfields, etc. Very easy to use. Can be used on all forms.

Unload Message and Vote!

This script allows you to prompt your users to vote. This is a useful script for taking user polls or contests.

Unobtrusive 'Print This Page' Link

This script will add a link to your page for your visitors to print the contents of a stated DIV. If the visitor does not have JavaScript enabled, the link will not display, so as not to confuse them.

Unobtrusive Dynamic Select Boxes

Use this script to produce select boxes that relate to one another. Choose an option in the first box and the script will change the available choices in the second box to match your selection. Easy to use, with comments.

Unobtrusive JavaScript Image Rollovers

Create image rollovers for your navigation without hardcoding any JavaScript into the HTML code on your Web pages. Easy to implement, even for beginners, and works across all browsers. Degrades nicely for visitors with JavaScript turned off.

Up & Down Box

Allows the user to increase and decrease the value in a textbox by clicking up and down buttons. Useful if you would like to allow the user to quickly modify a value in your form. A short script too, just a few lines.

Update Order Form w/o Page Refresh

In this order form, the cost for each item is totaled as the items are selected and deselected. This is done without refreshing the entire page in order to save other form information. Heavily commented.

Upload Filter

Allowing visitors to upload files through web forms on your site is useful, but how do you limit the types of files they can upload? This script only allows visitors to upload files that end with the file extensions you want, such as .gif and .jpg, etc. Easy!

User Language and Country

Identify the language and country of the user's browser. Very comprehensive! IE only.

User Management

Use this script to add and subtract items in different fields. Changes made can be displayed for each field.

User Name

This cookie records the visitor's name. It can then be used for identification or other purposes, as needed.

User Plugins

Use this script to display a table with all the plugins installed on the visitor's computer. Another neat script because it deals with the user's computer specifics directly.

User Quiz

If you'd like to present your visitors with a JavaScript quiz, this script would be perfect. It administers and scores the test, and even catches the user if they try to cheat! You can even make additional quizzes for it to continue with after the first quiz.

User Report

Besides basic browser identification (type, version), Netscape users can also see an extensive list of every mimeType and every plugin on your computer. Select one from the pulldown menu and even *MORE* information is displayed in the box. Finally, such additional details as screen width, color depth, and how many sites you have visited so far finish of an incredible display of pure JavaScript power. Wow!

Using the Target Attribute

At times you may need to launch certain links into a new window. The 'target' attribute is deprecated and is therefore not allowed when using XHTML with a strict doctype. Using this script, you will be able to keep your pages valid while also using the target attribute to open new windows.