Alphabetical Script Listing for 'R'

Radio Buttons

Tired of the same old ugly radio buttons in your forms? Try this short script. Neat!

Radio Question Validator

Validates that every Radio Button question on the form has been answered. No modifications needed!


(Version 4.0+ Browsers) Appears as if it is raining on your web page, wow! The effect is accomplished by using DHTML in layers. Clever! As an added plus, you can easily customize the number of raindrops and how fast they fall.

Rainbow Clock

A rainbow digital clock will certainly brighten up your site. This script is very easy to use and implement.

Rainbow Link on mouseOver / The JavaScript Source

Implement this script into your Web pages to make all links change color on mouseover event. Colors can easily be added and changed.

Random Ads

Do you want to display your own ads on your Web site? If you have a large number of them and only want to display a few at a time, this script will do it. They will display in random order, either horizontally or vertically.

Random Background

Get a random background color with the touch of a button. This script uses 15 pre-determined background colors and then randomly chooses one. This is a great effect if you know what background colors don't interfere with the text on your page. Then, you can make them the 15 pre-determined background colors.

Random Background

Allows the visitor to change the background color on the Web page. The color can even be set to change constantly at a set interval.

Random Click Image

Displays a random image when the page is loaded and each time the image is clicked. Simple!

Random Colors

Every times a visitor comes to a page with this script in effect, they get a different foreground and background color. However, occassionally you do get a background and foreground color that makes your text unreadable.

Random Image

Use this script to randomly display a different image each time the page is visited. Refresh this page and notice the image below will change. Any number of images can be used, and set-up is very easy.

Random Image Rotator

Rotates a series of images on the page every few seconds. The images can easily be changed, and the script can be modified to rotate the images randomly or in order.

Random Image Script

There are five images that will be chosen at random and displayed each time by the script. Remember this is a random choice, so it's possible for the same image to appear a number of times in succession. The more images you use, the less possibility of repetition there is.

Random Images

As an alternative to background colors and random background colors, JavaScript allows you to have random background images. Just take a look at the background of this script's example page then hit reload. Notice anything? Ah, chalk another one up to JavaScript.

Random Link Generator

Are you feeling, I don't know.... A little random? Then check out this random link generator! It randomly selects a URL from a pre-determined list and sends the user there!

Random Midi

If you would like to play a little music on your web site, this script will be perfect for you. However, in this example, no music will play - you just need to make the script reflect the midi's you would like to use.

Random Number

The computer will thinks of a random number between 0 and 49. Just guess it! Higher and lower hints included!

Random Page

An easy way to instantly send the visitor to a random HTML page. Just enter the random pages you want to use, and you're done!

Random Password Generator

This script can be used to generate random passwords for improved password strength.

Random Taglines

Ever wondered how to make those cool random title messages? This script will do it for you! The title at the top of the page changes each time the page is loaded. Pretty neat!

Random Text Splitter

Would you like to add some pizazz to your text? This script splits up a text string and makes each letter (or word) a random color and size. IE only.

Rank 'em

Create a survey asking people to rank things, and this script will validate that everything is ranked, and no rankings are repeated. Could be adapted into a puzzle or game.

Reaction Time - Button

(Netscape only) Just how fast can you react? Play this little JavaScript wonder and find out.

Redirect to Last Page Visited

This script will redirect the user to the page where he left your site at the last visit. Redirect is only performed if the user enters the main page of your site from any other site. If the user enters your site by direct link from any search engine or another site, the redirect is not performed allowing the user to see the appropriate content.


It's always fun to show how good you are with JavaScript. This script will show where the visitor came from. Pretty cool!

Referrer Redirect

Redirects the user based on the referring web address. Now its a breeze send people to different sections of your site based on where they came from. Clever!

Reflection.js / The JavaScript Source

Add reflections to selected images on your Web pages. Vary the reflection height and opacity. Very easy to use and completely unobtrusive. Works well with logos, icons and dynamic image content such as forum avatars. Degrades nicely in older browsers.

Refresh Button

Refresh the current page. This button works just like your browser's refresh button. Short and simple. Nice!

Refresh Page

Keep your content fresh. Use this snippet to reload a fresh copy of your Web page from the server. Use either a button or a link. It's compact but very effective.

Refresh Page - Automatic

Keep your content fresh. Use this script to automatically reload a fresh copy of your Web page from the server. You determine the time delay between refreshes.

RegExp Validation

Use this script for form validation using regular expressions. None of the information submitted in the form is saved. Very extensive.

Regular Expressions Taster

Grab these regular expressions to use in your own JavaScripts. They can add another dimension to your programming experience.

Reload on Resize

Useful for situations when a page resize moves the page elements improperly or causes JavaScript errors, which has been known to occasionally occur on pages with layers. As a solution, this script reloads the web page when the user resizes the page.

Remote Control

Simplify the navigation process on your web site by allowing your visitors to open a small remote control window with links to the sections of your site. And, when they click a link, the remote control closes and they are taken to the page in the main window. Great!

Remove Ads

Catches all clicks on ads and writes a cookie on the visitor's computer. Until the cookie expires, no ads are shown. Cool!

Remove Duplicates from Email L

This script removes duplicate entries from a list. It was designed to process a list of e-mails, but will work with any list of values (one value per line). When evaluating values, case is ignored.

Remove HTML Tags

This function will remove all HTML tags from a string.

Remove Returns

Converts carriage returns in a string to the tag so that the input can be properly displayed in HTML. Without the script, returns in an input field are not preserved when submitting in a form. Useful for guestbooks or other times when a user's input must be preserved.


Strips excess spaces from a field. Users sometimes enter " " in required fields to trick most validation that only checks for "" length fields. This script takes a string and removes the leading and trailing spaces and also any extra spaces in the string. IE only.

Removing Nodes Using the DOM

You can remove existing nodes using the DOM. The removeChild method allows any node to remove one of its child nodes. Simply pass a reference to the node you wish to remove. Any text or elements within the node being removed will be removed along with it.

Replace Characters

Replaces a character or multiple characters in a textbox when the visitor goes to the next field (or in this example, clicks the submit button).

Required Fields

Checks form fields to verify that each specified field is not left empty. Displays a warning message if any empty fields are present. Great!

Resizable Viewer

Displays a small 'image loading' picture while the main image is loading. When the image completes, the viewer window is appropriately resized, centered on the screen, and 'image loaded' is displayed. Neat!

Resize Form Elements

Tired of making all those beautiful, complex HTML forms, only to have them be destroyed when switching between browsers? This script eliminates the frustration by dynamically up-sizing the form elements in Internet Explorer by a specified percent. Use Netscape sizes for your formfields and this script makes them the same size in IE.Sweet!

Resize Link

Useful for webmasters, this script lets you view any web page at different resolutions by simply clicking the link and entering the height and width values. Tip: You can drag the link to your "Links" toolbar, and use it on any page you are viewing.

Resizing Window

Use the arrow keys to resize the window. (Frames not supported) IE only.

Resolution Image

(Version 4.0+ Browsers) Loads an image with different dimensions based on the users screen resolution setting. Higher resolution browsers see an image with increased dimensions and lower resolution browsers see an image with decreased dimensions. This separation ensures that each browser sees the image size that looks best in their browser. Great use of JavaScript1.2 also!

Restore Focus

Sends the focus to a window by putting it on top of the other open windows. Useful if you need to open a window but keep another window on top! It can even send the focus once every certain number of seconds, neat!

Return Key Disable

This script prevents the "early submitting" of forms by disabling the Return Key in simple Input Tags and allowing it in TextAreas

Reusable Menus

A Javascript-powered set of related menus that all run in the same select object on a page. This allows for easy customization and menu independence. You can have as many sublevels as you like, in as many individual menus as you like, in as many different forms as you like! Awesome!


This DHTML script gradually "reveals" the entire contents of a Web page.

Reverse Text Wizard

Some languages are written from right to left. This script takes the input from the users entry field and simulates typing from right to left.

Right Browser?

How do you let your visitors know that they do or do not have the right browser to view your site? Use this JavaScript! It'll tell them if they are using the right browser and the right version, or not....

Right Click Menu

(Internet Explorer Only) Displays a menu when the visitor right click's on the page. You can easily use style sheets to modify the menu 'skins', or write your own. Awesome!

Right Click Sparks

This script disables the right click. Instead of an alert, sparks follow the cursor. IE only.

Rob's Tic, Tac, Toe

This new version of the classic Tic Tac Toe game requires no images and works in most browsers. Playable either against a friend or against the computer.

Robots Text Generator

This generator creates the meta tag for robots. It also includes the code for the Googlebot.

Rock Solid addEvent()

Usually, when one event loads, it writes over any previous ones. Using this snippet, you can add several events to one page without any problems.

Rocket Blaster

Use your mouse to aim and shoot at rockets that fly across the screen. It may require some practice timing the shots to compensate for the distances. Interestingly, the game never ends -- just play as long as you want. Sweet!

Rollover Alternating Menus

This script displays a different set of sublinks when you mouseover each title link.

Rollover Text - Hide and Show

Use this script to provide tooltips, FAQs, and other information. The tip is shown when the mouse rolls over the title. You can use any valid HTML element, even links.


Create image rollovers and links quickly. You can even apply this method to table rows and cells. Very easy!

Roman Numeral Converter

Convert Arabic numerals to roman numerals with the click of a button. Numbers work up to the tens of billions.

Roman Numeral Converter

Having trouble converting to Roman numerals? This script should do the trick!

Roman Numeral Converter 2

This script will convert whole numbers to Roman numerals, up to 3,999,999. Easy to use.

Roman Numerals

This script helps you write the copyright statements on your page. It outputs the correct Roman Numerals for any year you want, including the current year. Clever!

Rotating Banner

This script randomly displays images, links, or text every time the page is reloaded.

Rotating Cursors Script

This script gives an effect like the cursor is rotating clockwise or counter-clockwise. In fact, the cursors are changing the types. Very simple yet cool effect!

Rotating Image

Display your images in a rotating sequence. Easy to set up and very unobtrusive.


Select a new background color on this roulette wheel! Stop each wheel and hit "view" to see that background color wheel combination! Cool!

Rounded Corners

This script permits rounded corners to be applied to DIV elements. The corners and associated edges are added to the initial DIV dimensions. There may be as many applications on a page as needed.

Row Rollover

Use this script to highlight rows in tables. Short but effective.

Russian Roulette

Tired of the work-a-day world? Well things are looking up.? Play "Russian Roulette" the non-lethal way with this fun script!


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The Sun-Netscape Alliance, a strategic alliance formed by America Online and Sun Microsystems, Inc., is delivering iPlanet e-commerce software and enterprise solutions that enable companies to compete successfully in the Net Economy


This script strips excess spaces and non-printing characters from a field. Users sometimes enter " " in required fields to trick most validation that only checks for "" length fields. This script takes a string and removes the leading and trailing spaces and also any extra spaces in the string.


This script grabs all of the select boxes on the page and renders them in divs at the bottom. Useful when you need to copy options from a select box.