Alphabetical Script Listing for 'Q'

Queen's Quest

This is a contribution to Ron Daenzer's great "Eight Queens Problem" script. The object of the game is to cover the chess board with as few queens as possible.

Question and Answer

With this script you can provide answers to some questions with only a click! Great for FAQ's!

Question and Answer Generator II

An update to the popular Question and Answer script. This script takes care of the the dirty work for you. Just add the details and cut and paste the code.


Here is an interesting JavaScript game I found on the Internet. Try it out on yourself, you'll see.

Quick Jump

Similar to the location box in your browsers, just enter a complete web site address (starting with http://) in the box and click enter to jump to that site! Short script - only three lines of code!

Quick Jump Phrases

Allows the user to quick jump to the site of their choice just by entering the short phrase for that site. It even displays a list of all the sites and the phrases to go there automatically! Definitely a clever way to allow visitors to navigate your site. (Be sure to put this script on it's own page of your site.)

Quick Preview

When the user clicks the thumbnail image the full picture loads in a new window. The window can optionally be configured to close a fixed number seconds after the page has loaded.

Quiz Engine

This script allows users to make custom, very flexible quizzes to that can be used on the web. It's easy to add questions or change answers.

qTip / The JavaScript Source

This script creates tooltips for anything on your page. You select what tags it can be attached to and then just add them to the page.