Alphabetical Script Listing for 'N'

Navigation Buttons

Dynamic navigation menu using a mouseOver of main categories to dynamically generate buttons with appropriate labels and links. This script avoids special rollover graphics, and gets around the limitations of Netscape style sheets. Cool!

Neon Lights

Neon lights are an effective way in which to draw attention to signs and banners on the street, and now, to your webpage text as well!

Netscape Source Image

When visitors using Netscape right-click your web page and select "View Source" or go to the View menu bar and select "View -> Page Source" the entire source code of your page is displayed. Interestingly enough, it's possible to actually insert an image into Netscape's view source page instead of just having text. When Netscape users view the source of your page, they see an image as well as the source code! Your image could tell the visitor that they are not allowed to view this source code, for example. A very simple but very clever script, indeed.

New Browsers Only

It's often necessary to make a script only accessible to the newer browsers (that can support the script without error) and keep older browsers from trying to work with it. This script, as an added plus, is very short.

New Content

Highlight new content or special items on your site for a specified amount of time. This script will display a "new" icon and highlight the header of the content until the date you set has expired. (You could also use it to highlight the content itself.) Adapted from "New Links" by Nicolas.

New Links

Displaying links as new for a few weeks after adding them is great. But, adding, removing, and updating that "New" icon for each link is pointless! Let JavaScript do your work for you! Just add a small code (less than 40 characters) next to each link with the date you want it to expire, and it will automatically display the "New" icon until the expiration date. What a time-saver!

New Window

Do you have a link that you'd rather have open in a new window? This little script will do just that! You can even use a button or a text link to open the new window! Check out the example and see what you think!

New to You

Use this cookie to show your visitors what's new on your Web site since their last visit.

News Scroller

Scrolling words along the bottom of the page is cool and all, but this one takes the cake.... You can scroll text, links, images, buttons, basically anything you want, in a little news like box on your site. And, you can have as many 'messages' as you want. Amazing!


A pausing news scroller. Easy to implement, highly configurable, and hyperlink capable.

Nice Titles

Display the title of a link in an easy-to-read box. Quick response time and very easy to implement!

No Duplicate Selects

Prevent a selected option text or value from being chosen in another select box.

No Duplicates

Prevents you from selecting the same choice when choosing from two different pulldown menus.

No Entry

Use JavaScript to ensure that visitors do not leave a form entry blank. If they do, they are prompted to complete it before they can continue.


Use JavaScript to ensure that visitors do not type in HTML entries.

No Right Click

(4.0+ browsers) Ever wanted to prevent users from "borrowing" images from your site through right-clicking them and "save image as..." or right-clicking the page and viewing your page source? This script will (attempt to) disable the right click on your page! As explained, however, this script is not fool-proof !!

No Right Click 2

This script displays an alert box when a visitor right clicks on an image. IE only. (Note: This script is not fool-proof. Visitors can disable JavaScript support in their browser, use a browser which doesn't support JavaScript, or use a browser to link directly to the image that you want to protect.)

No-Spam E-mail

This is a simple (to most) script that will allow you to post your email address publically, without worrying about SPAM spider-bots automatically scanning your HTML code and indexing your address for SPAM purposes.

Number Countdown

This script initiates a countdown based on the number you enter and ends at zero.

Number Formatting / The JavaScript Source

These two functions clean up and format numbers quite nicely. One function takes any decimal number, negative or positive, and formats it by adding commas every three digits. The other function strips any non-numeric characters from a string leaving you with a valid decimal number. It considers the minus sign and the period to be numeric and will not strip them unless the minus sign is not at the beginning of the number or there is more than one period. These functions make use of regular expressions to do the heavy lifting.

Number Pronunciator

Enter a number and this script will write it out in plain English. Your number can be up to 303 digits long.

Number of Primes

The script implements the seive of Erastotenes. It finds all the prime numbers up to one determined value.

Numbers Only / The JavaScript Source

Use this script to restrict the user from entering anything but numbers in a form field.

Numeric Array Sort

JavaScript's Array object only sorts alphabetically. That means if you pass it an array of numbers it will sort the array alphabetically (1,15,100,2,25,200) instead of numerically (1,2,15,25,100,200). This is easily fixed by adding a new method which will sort a numerical array very nicely.


The DevEdge Archive, a strategic alliance formed by America Online and Sun Microsystems, Inc., is delivering iPlanet e-commerce software and enterprise solutions that enable companies to compete successfully in the Net Economy


The DevEdge Archive, a strategic alliance formed by America Online and Sun Microsystems, Inc., is delivering iPlanet e-commerce software and enterprise solutions that enable companies to compete successfully in the Net Economy