Alphabetical Script Listing for 'K'

Key Launcher

The easiest website navigation yet requires nothing more than touching letters on your keyboard. Just touch a letter that has been defined as a launcher key and you are sent to that key's pre-defined page. It's easy to add as many launcher keys as you want and surely will amaze your visitors! Awesome!

Keyboard Slider

Now you can move images and objects across the screen by simply using keys from the keyboard. Amazing!

Keycode Checker Tool - Disable / The JavaScript Source

Use this function to disable certain keys. This essentially tells the page to cancel the last event, e.g. the pressing of that certain key.

Keycode Checker Tool / The JavaScript Source

Use this script to determine the JavaScript key code of a selected key. Just press a key and an alert box will display the corresponding keycode.

KityKity's Photo Album

This is a photo album script that displays your favorite photos in a flip book-style album! Includes picture, title, date taken, and description. Select your picture from a list, click for a random picture, or search for your picture!

Knight Game

This logic game is simple and fun to play. Simply move the knight in legal knight chess moves to every square on the board in as few moves as possible.


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