Alphabetical Script Listing for 'I'

ICQ Status

Do you use ICQ ("I Seek You"), the neatest chat program ever? ICQ offers a neat way to check through the Internet if another ICQ user is currently logged on. Try it out! (The default ICQ number is ours, we hope to see you online!)

ID Tracker

Save a visitor's referral ID in a cookie ID on their computer. Then, you can you can access that ID cookie from the rest of your site. Useful to help you pay affiliate commissions or track Web site referrals.

IP Address

This script displays the user's IP address in the title bar, status bar, and/or an alert box.

IP Address Filter

(Netscape 4.0+ with Java enabled only!) JavaScript can prevent visitors with certain IP addresses from visiting your site. Simply enter part of their IP address (the more you enter the greater the chance only the intended person will not be able to enter your site) and they will not be able to enter the site. If anyone has a Internet Explorer workaround, we'd love to post it here!

IP Address Filter 2

Use this script to block IP addresses. Just add the address to the script and it will be blocked from entering your site.

IP Grabber

(Netscape only, and Java must be enabled) Whether it's ethical or not, getting information on your site's visitors is just plain neat. As one of the most requested scripts, this little gem will allow you to get the user's IP address! Neat!

Ignore Spaces

Removes spaces from a string variable within a script or from user input into a text box. Several different uses are shown on the script example page.

Image BG Changer

(Internet Explorer Only) Changes the page's background to each of the images on the page as you touch them. The background returns to white when you move your cursor off the image.

Image Button

Easily create active buttons with any image. Repositions image when your mouse passes over it and moves again when clicked on. Easy!

Image Caption

With the help of this script, adding text to accompany images couldn't be easier. Give your image a "title" -- how appropriate -- and a class, and in less than a minute you'll have beautiful looking captions for your images. And, you can use HTML elements.

Image Captions

This script uses the text from the title attribute of an image as a caption for the image. If your title attribute contains a URL then the caption becomes a link, otherwise it's presented as plain text.

Image Clone

This is a very simple JavaScript timepass program. It will tile your images

Image Cycler

Cycle through a group of images in a single location on your page. For best results all images should be near each other in size. You set the time interval for the change of images.

Image Fader Transition

This script uses an opacity filter to make a fading effect transition between two images. Works with IE5+ and NS6+.

Image Gallery

Display a gallery of images with titles and descriptions for each image. Easy to set up and completely customizable.

Image Load

Notifies the user is an image on your site fails to load properly or if it is aborted when loading. Definitely an excellent example of the onAbort and onError image event handlers in use. Please note that in the script example we intentionally included a 'broken image' that fails to load properly to display the script in use.

Image Manipulator

Displays an online image or local image from your computer under various width and height manipulations that you enter. Useful for determining the best size for an image on your site without all the work. Nice!

Image Navigator / The JavaScript Source

This script works by sliding the background image of one DIV element, using the background-position to correspond with the coordinates of another DIV. Great for showing details in a small space.

Image Previewer

Users can see a preview of the image they select from the pulldown menu before loading the full image. They can then view the full image by clicking the Go button or the preview image. This is great for allowing sites with large images to offer image previews visitors to to see an image preview first.

Image Resizer

Select an image and this script will give the size of that image. It will also allow you to change the size and see what it looks like.

Image Resizer - Drag and Drop

Resize any image by clicking the image and dragging it to the desired size. Cool!

Image Rotate with CANVAS / The JavaScript Source

CANVAS is a new HTML element which can be used to draw graphics using JavaScript. This script will rotate an image a varying amount of degrees: 90, 180, -90, and back to 0. Can be used in many different ways.

Image Sized Window

Sizes a new popup window to the exact dimensions of the image in that window. Sweet!

Image Slideshow

Displays a series of images in an automated slide show, a pulldown menu, or the various slideshow controls that are included, such as previous and next. The demo uses the author's image creations, of course you would use your own. ;-)

Image Swap

Swap images using this short, sweet, and easy to edit script! The images are swapped using a MouseOver technique.

Image Swap and Preload

This script is an array of image URLs that uses a loop to preload images, and a simple object structure to change another image's SouRCe (src) property. Images used in the example are (C) Copyright 2002 INT Media Group. Works in MSIE and Netscape.

Image Tool Tips

This script creates 'tool tips' for images. Use as much text as you want. Formatting is controlled through the use of style sheets. The text will re-size, according to the screen width and placement of cursor.

Image Upload Preview

This script is intended for forms where the user needs to upload an image to a Web site. The image is displayed on the page for previewing before uploading. The display will be resized if needed so as not to break the page layout. Valid file types are set in the script; others will be disallowed. Works only in Internet Explorer but degrades gracefully.

Image Viewer

Use this script to display different images without opening a new window. Click the links to change the displayed image right in the current page.

Image listbox

This script adds a listbox where you can select the image that you want to see.

In-Marquee Links

An ordinary marquee that uses JavaScript to include links. The speed and delay are customizable to suit the viewers' needs. IE only.

In-Page Search Option

Add a Google/Yahoo search option to your Web pages. Using radio buttons, you can search each engine individually or both at the same time.

Inches and Centimeters

Change inches to centimeters and back using this short, sweet script. Very easy to use, just type in the number and click!

Include CSS Stylesheet by DOM

Use this script when you want to use the DOM to include a cascading style sheet. Very simple to implement.

Indent Menu

(IE 4 + and NN 6 +) Fully interactive menu with description box. Customize link color and behavior, link box motion indent, link box border colors, link box border styles, link box border width, individual link messages, and default link message. Written without using layers. Amazing!

Info Table

JavaScript can write a neat little box to the screen telling the visitor's browser and operating system.

Information Validation

Test the powers of JavaScript. Watch as JavaScript tells you if information about you is valid or not.

Initial Caps

Converts the first letter of each word in a string that the user enters to uppercase. The remaining letters of each word are also changed to lowercase. Very useful when a form requires a title to be submitted in Initial Caps.

Inline Comments

Add hidden comments within the text of an article. The user can view them by clicking on the marked words. Click again and they are hidden once more.

Input Box Comments

Display a few words in a form field and when focus is given to the field, the words will disappear. Great for providing instructions in a small space.

Input Box Comments 2

Display a few words in a form field and when focus is given to the field, the text will disappear. When the box loses its focus, the original text is reinstated. If new content is entered, the script will preserve it.

Input Mask

This script uses unobtrusive JavaScript to implement "input masks." The maximum field length is automatically limited to the length of the mask. The characters that are entered into the fields are constrained, and separators are automatically added. (No actual validation is done. Check our site for validation scripts.)

Insert Form Fields On Demand / The JavaScript Source

This script will provide additional fields in a form, as needed, on demand. Any number of fields can be added. Easy to customize and implement.

Insight Generator

If you need a profound quote or insight for an upcoming speech, interview, cocktail party or whatever, try this script!

Instance Counter

It looks like a word counter, but it's more. This script is useful for detecting how many times a phrase, letter, or word appears in any kind of text. Add the text to the field and click the "count" button.

Instant Image Zooming

This easy zoom-in/zoom-out script can be attached to any image in your page. The image size will toggle between two sizes you set whenever the image is clicked. The function can be attached to as many images in the page as you wish.

Internet Radio Shows Script

You can now add "Filthy Music" radio shows to your website. Paste the script below into your webpage and your site will have daily radio shows with live audio and video.

Irish Kiss Button

Your Irish kiss! Mouseover button to receive your animated kiss. Click on button to load new page. Cool!

Items List

Javascript can remember a list of several items you enter. Just enter an item and click 'Add to List'. When you are finished, click 'Show List' to see the entries.

Items Popup List

If you have several items for the user to pick from, you may notice that your page can quickly becomes cluttered. This script helps solve that problem by opening a new window when the user wants to add items to the list. The new window displays the items and passes the selected item information back to the list in the main window. Slick!


The Sun-Netscape Alliance, a strategic alliance formed by America Online and Sun Microsystems, Inc., is delivering iPlanet e-commerce software and enterprise solutions that enable companies to compete successfully in the Net Economy


This snippet searches an array for a pre-specified element and returns 'true' if it's found, 'false' if it's not found. It functions like the in_array() in PHP.


Use this snippet to insert a node after another node. Quite handy in laying out Web pages.


The Sun-Netscape Alliance, a strategic alliance formed by America Online and Sun Microsystems, Inc., is delivering iPlanet e-commerce software and enterprise solutions that enable companies to compete successfully in the Net Economy


This function will take a string value and break it apart and check for valid US currency values. If the string is a valid US currency value the function will return true. If the function encounters an error while validation the function will display a error message to the client and return false.


The DevEdge Archive, a strategic alliance formed by America Online and Sun Microsystems, Inc., is delivering iPlanet e-commerce software and enterprise solutions that enable companies to compete successfully in the Net Economy


The Sun-Netscape Alliance, a strategic alliance formed by America Online and Sun Microsystems, Inc., is delivering iPlanet e-commerce software and enterprise solutions that enable companies to compete successfully in the Net Economy