Alphabetical Script Listing for 'H'

HTML Builder

Occassionally, a web page provider does not offer an HTML editor with the web site accounts they provide. If that's the case with you or if you just don't like the editor you have, you might give this JavaScript HTML Builder a whirl. It's very cool.

HTML Preview / The JavaScript Source

Preview HTML code in a new window by entering it into the form. This script allows you to pass anything to a new window.

HTML Scroller

Scrolls HTML elements within a DIV. Can be modified to scroll vertically or horizontally. Amazing!


This is a simple HTML-Interface that allows you to check the code (HTML or JavaScript) in less than 1 second. If you like HTML or JavaScript then this interface is for you!


The H2X converter generates a well-formed XHTML string from an HTML DOM object. H2X could be used in content management systems, online WYSIWYG HTML editors or any other application to produce well formed XHTML 1.0 code.


I know you've all played Hangman before.... You know, you try to guess a word by choosing letters? Well, how about a game of Hangman, in JavaScript! Very neat! (The topic is Presidents of The United States!)

Hangman: Countries & Cities

It's the old fashion Hangman game, but this time with a new look and additional features. You can choose to play from two categories: Capitals or Countries. Upon successfully guessing the word, detailed information (including the country's location, capital, neighbors, language, population and more) are revealed. Enjoy playing and enrich your knowledge.

Hanoi Solver

Solves the Towers of Hanoi game in the shortest number of moves, demo included. The delay between moves and the number of rings can be adjusted by the user. Clever!

Hard Drive Browser

This script provides quick access to your entire hard drive, including A, B, C, D, and E drives (the ones you have, at least). Short code too!

Hate IE

If your visitor is using Internet Explorer as their browser, this script will politely suggest Firefox as an alternative browser. Just add it to the head of your page. Very simple!


When you need to present information on your site, you should consider this script. Appropriately named the Headliner, it presents a number of messages to your visitors in many different formats including a simple scroll, typewriter, expand, and just static text. Each message when clicked can take the visitor to a different URL!

Hertz Converter

Convert between frequency and beats per minute (i.e. 8 octaves lower). Enter a number in either field, then click outside the text box.

Hex-RGB Converter

Converts Hex to RGB and back in real-time. Also displays current value as background color. Cool!

Hexadecimal Color Wheel

A dynamic color wheel displaying 4096 colors in a chromatic scale utilizing cross browser mouse event capture from a layer to display the hexadecimal codes of each color. Easily find that elusive color code you were looking for and learn how to manage layers and mouse events.

Hidden Affiliate Link

Many times you don't want your users to know that they are clicking on an affiliate link. This script will keep the link from displaying in the browser's status bar.

Hidden Scrollbars

With these buttons you can control the scrollbars on your page. Very useful on a site with frames. You can set the function in the body onload="unhidden()" tag.

Hide E-mail Address

Cut down on the spam in your inbox. Use this script to hide your e-mail address from harvesting robots.

Hide E-mail Address with Subject

Protect your e-mail address from spambots. In addition to hiding your e-mail address, this script also adds a subject line.

Hide Items from View

Do you need to hide items in a list? This script could be used for printing out a list of selected items. It can also be adapted for many other uses.

Hide Multiple E-Mail Addresses

Have a Web page with multiple e-mail addresses? Use this script to protect them from spambots. Simple to use.

Hide and Restore Rows and Columns

This script displays a table and allows the user to remove and restore both rows and columns. This allows the user to remove the details and products that he is not interested in.

High-Tech Calculator

This calculator can do everything! Besides the basic functions: add, subtract, multiply, and divide. It can take the reciprocal, cos, sin, and tan of a number, square root, and has special square and cube buttons. Also does any power of a number you want, and looks great at the same time.

Highlight Active Input

Highlight text inputs in your forms. Make it easy for your visitors to see where they are.

Highlight Link Script

This script highlights the link by blinking the link when you roll over the mouse, just like the <blink> tag does to the text in Netscape. But, this one has an advantage: the blinking speed is customizable!

Highlighted Text

Captures any text that has been highlighted with the cursor. In Internet Explorer, it even grabs text highlighted within a text box or textarea. Sweet!

History Keeper

A JavaScript-based library for managing browser history (back button) and providing support for deep linking for Flash and Ajax applications.

History Length

It is surprising to know that a web page can actually know how many pages you have been to this browser session. That is exactly what this script does.

Hit The Dot

How many dots do you think you can hit in 20 seconds? Play this interesting JavaScript game and find out!

Home Page

(Netscape 4.0+ users only) Take the visitor to their browser's home page automatically or via a button or link click. Cool!


Enter your vehicle's quarter mile time (assuming you know it) and vehicle weight and this JavaScript program will display your car's estimated horsepower.


(works only for Netscape Browsers with Java enabled) If you would like to show your visitors computer hostname, use this script. Very cool.

How Long

Find how long in years and days between today and any date past or future. How long since Elvis died? How long till Christmas? Will not accept invalid dates such as February 30. Assumes the usual Gregorian calendar in common use. IE only.

Hyperlink Status Text

Another status bar script that changes the status bar message for each link when the user hovers over the link.

htaccess Login

Allows you to have a login box embedded in your web page for pages that normally is only available through a pop up dialogue box. Cool!