Alphabetical Script Listing for 'G'

GLT - Good-Looking Tooltips

This small JavaScript library will spice up the look of your tooltips in your Web page. It replaces the title attribute with a tooltip designed to match your Web site. You can use it in almost an HTML element too. Easy to implement!


This is a very useful script to figure out your class GPA. Just enter the letter grade for each class.

Gain in Percent Calculator

Calculate the percentage of increase/decrease between two units. A simple, effective script.

Galaxy Defender II

This is a simple JavaScript game that uses images as an entities. Watch out for the bugs and ships. It is an example of an object based style of JavaScript programming though not truly object oriented. Thanks to the author of the images that were used in this game.

Gallery Viewer

Displays any of several images on the same page just by clicking its thumbnail. This way, it is unnecessary to open a new window or use the back button after going to each page. Sizes can be altered as required. Easy!

Gas Cost Calculator

Do you ever wonder how much you pay for gas in a year? Use this simple gas cost calculator to find out how much you spend monthly and annually. In addition, this calculator will also compute the miles per gallon (MPG) for your vehicle.

Gasoline Usage Calculator

Trying to keep track of gasoline expenses? This script calculates how many miles you are getting per gallon - per day and per year. It also calculates the amount spent per year and how much CO2 your car is producing.

Generate a Table of Contents Using the DOM / The JavaScript Source

It's often useful for a long page to contain a table of contents, to make it easy for people to jump to the section they want to read. This script will do the work automatically, generating a table of contents using the <h1> to <h6> tags.

Geometric Properties of a Triangle

This script enables users to find out areas of a triangle if the three sides are known. Moreover it finds out the areas of the largest and smallest inscribed circle.

Get Firefox

If your visitors are using one of those "other" browsers, this short script will display a graphic with a link to the Firefox Web site.

GetPosition 2 / The JavaScript Source

This code returns the position of a given element in a given container, relative to other elements of its type. Very useful for finding position indexes of list items, pictures, form items, and more.

Glide-In Menu

When an icon is clicked, this script glides in a menu from screen-left. Clicking on the same icon in the menu causes it to slide off the screen, with the triggering icon sliding back in. The script can be set to have either the trigger icon or the menu show on start-up; and the menu and trigger icon positions can be set via script variables.

Go Behind Popup

Launches a frameless "go-behind" popup banner window that cannot be closed unless the banner ad is clicked on. The frameless banner window persists, even if the launching browser window is closed. The banner window closes once the banner is clicked.

Grab and Scroll Page

Users can scroll the page by clicking on it and dragging the mouse, similar to the functionality found in the Acrobat viewer.

Graphic Buttons Generator

Use this script to create your own graphic buttons, you can create rollover effects, choose colors and more.

Graphic Buttons Generator 2

This new button generator allows users to specify more properties and sports a preview button that lets you see the results on the fly.

Graphing Function

Enter the X-Y coordinates for a function and this script will give you the graphing formulas, including Formula, Slope, Y-intercept, Parallel and Perpendicular lines. Easy!

Greatest Common Factor

Find the Greatest Common Factor (GCF) of a group of two or three numbers.

Greeting Note

Welcome visitors to your site. This script displays Good Morning, Good Afternoon, or Good Evening, depending on the time of day. Uses page title as part of greeting.

GreyBox / The JavaScript Source

This technique allows you to open a modal window, which is like a pop-up window, but doesn't actually open another window/tab. It does not conflict with pop-up blockers. Easy to set-up and use. The style is controlled through CSS. This is great for launching other Web pages or image galleries. Full documentation is included.

Group Work

Ever had to work with another person to complete a task? This calculator will tell you how long it would take two people to complete the task if you know how long it would take each person to complete the task individually. Neat!

Growing Image

Resizes an image to the size given to the function. The number of steps and total length of time of the transition can be controlled. Internet Explorer Only.

Guess 1 - 100

Another JavaScript guess-a-number game. However, this one automatically has a set range of 1 - 100.


Play the JavaScript version of Guess-A-Number. First, select a number range and then try to guess the number the computer has chosen.

Guestbook Validation

Use JavaScript to ensure that all elements of a guestbook are properly filled out before mailing.

Guitar Chord Chart

Use this chart to display basic guitar chord configurations.


The document.getElementById method is very useful but isn't supported in early browsers. To define the method for use in those older browsers, just add this snippet to the beginning of your scripts.


Ever run into a situation where you want to get an array of all elements with a specific attribute? Or even want elements with a certain value for that chosen attribute as well? Just add this code snippet to your script and your problem will be solved.


A quick and elegant way of grabbing elements by a class name. JavaScript provides functions for obtaining elements by id, name, and tag name, but not by class. This function will do the trick!

getElementsByClassName - The Ultimate Version / The JavaScript Source

This JavaScript function will obtain elements by class name. If you want to apply a certain event to some elements, you can loop through the elements in the page and then apply the event accordingly, assigning them to those elements that have a certain class name.

getElementsByClassName Deluxe Edition

JavaScript does not provide a function for obtaining elements by class, only by id, name, and tag name. This snippet will accomplish that, and includes optional arguments with defaults and support for multiple classnames in any order. It works in IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari and IE Mac.


When a layer is inside another layer, it's style.left and positions can both be '0' but the layer itself can be 500 pixels away from the actual margin. These functions will return the true offset.


Use this snippet to get the rendered style of an element. Quick and simple to implement.


Obtain the contents of an XML element and convert it to text. This script is great for using with Ajax-type applications, when it's neccessary to send back the contents of an element to the server without knowing what's there.


Create tabs for navigation, definitions, and many other uses. Very effective!


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