Alphabetical Script Listing for 'E'

E-Mail This Page

Let your visitors e-mail your Web pages to their friends.

E-Mail This Page 2

Let your visitors recommend your Web site to their friends. (Requires the use of your visitor's e-mail client.)

E-mail Address Validation2

This script verifies the given value as a possible valid e-mail address.

E-mail Director

Use a button or link to send e-mail using the visitor's e-mail program.

E-mail Link

This script opens the default e-mail client, writes a predetermined message into the subject line, and writes the page title and link into the body of the e-mail.

E-mail this Page Script

This script is an elegant solution for those that want to add a "Send this Page to a Friend" feature to their site. Works in most browsers and even in frames.

EZ Calculator

This calculator has basic functions (add, subtract, multiply, divide).

Easy DHTML ToolTips / The JavaScript Source

Provide additional information for your visitors. This script creates tooltips using links, spans and other tags. The CSS style can be set to match your own site. Easy to implement. Heavily commented script.

Easy Drop Down Container

Click on the arrow to reveal/hide contents. Can be used for a drop down menu or to hide/reveal content on a Web page.

Easy Multi-Page Navigation

This script makes it easy to maintain links and their targets from one remote page, much like you would link to an external style sheet in CSS. Ideal for people with many pages who want to update all their links easily and uniformly.

Easy Time Zone Offset Calculator

Do you have your office hours posted on your contact page? Do you have regularly scheduled chats or other Internet events? Use this script to show your visitors what time that would be in their time zone.


This is a very cool way to show you a little bit better how Javascript works. Go ahead. You can manipulate several different variables and then see the effects on the scroll box. Have fun!

Eight Queens Problem

This is a JavaScript that involves the movement of the Queen in Chess. Simply place eight queens on a chess board without conflict.

Eight Queens Problem

Eight Queens Problem This is a JavaScript that involves the movement of the Queen in Chess. Simply place eight queens on a chess board without conflict.

Eight Queens Problem

This is a JavaScript that involves the movement of the Queen in Chess. Simply place eight queens on a chess board without conflict.

Elapsed Time Calculator

This script computes and displays the elapsed time between "Start" and "Finish" button clicks.

Email Address Protector

Here's a clever way to prevent email address collecting "robots" from grabbing your email address while still making your address available to your visitors.

Email Address Validation

This is an e-mail address validation function. It allows the usual user@domain syntax, but in addition allows user@[ip] format as well as "User with Spaces"@domain or [ip], all of which are legal syntax, according to W3C. It also checks that the user hasn't done anything silly like having multiple @'s or continuous .'s in the address (e.g. and

Email Domain

Takes an email address and returns just the domain - the stuff after the "@" sign. We've put it together with a simple WHOIS query, neat!

Email This Page

Allow your visitors to email the current page to a friend. They just enter a friend's name and email address. It will send them a link to the current web page address in an email message signed by you, courtesy of Perfect!

Email Validation - Basic

This is a simple e-mail address validation script. While it is not too sophisticated, it does provide the basic validation function.

Enable Submit Button / The JavaScript Source

This small script will disable the submit button and then re-enable it after a period of time. Useful for preventing duplicate submittals but also allows resubmission, if needed.

Encode Special Characters

When submitting the form "GET" method, JavaScript can encode special characters with the escape() function. Great! (Enter a nickname or password with some special variables then click 'submit' to see the web address which contains the encoded (%xx) characters.)

End of Week Date Lookup / The JavaScript Source

Use this script to display the date of the end of the week for any given period during the year. Fully customizable and easy to use.


Use JavaScript to find convert Degrees to Radians and vice versa.


Use JavaScript to find energy equivalents.

English Date

This script show the date in the traditional English format.

Enlarge Image

No need to become bored to death while waiting for an image to load. Just try this one for the image to enlarge within a fraction of a second.

Enlarge Image 2

This one line script changes the image size and source on your thumbnail picture without reloading the page or using popups.

Enter Key Focus

Form users can move to next text field by pressing the enter key, same as if you were to press the TAB key.

Error Report

Create a custom JavaScript error message. Use this script for testing or monitoring pages.

Euro Converter

Click a country button to display currency name and full fixed euro exchange rate. Press Clear to empty the value boxes and enter either Euro or Local amount to convert. Click the appropriate button for conversion of euro To Local or of local To Euro. Conversion will display selected currency exchange rounded to two decimal places.

Evaluation Radio Buttons

Evaluation radio buttons can be a real pain. This script will return the values associated with a set of radio buttons.

Event Calendar 2

Create your own event calendar using this script. Just add in your special dates make a few selctions and your done. The calendar can be printed or saved as an html document.

Event Calendar Code Generator

This script generates code for an event calendar instead of having to do the tedious task of making one each month. This completely simplifies the table making involved. Just punch in your data and cut and paste the code.

Event Countdown

An easy-to-use countdown script which can also count towards a specific amount of days (e.g., day 12 of 30). (Additional uses listed in script.)

Event Listeners / The JavaScript Source

Add event listeners for all browsers at once. Easy to use, for all browsers.

Expand-Collapse Paragraph

Need to display a lot of information in a limited area? This script will display/hide the information at the click of a button. There is no limit to the amount of information you can add or sections you can use. Excellent for FAQs.

Expanding Menu

This is a simple expanding menu. The anchor tags that expand each menu are added by JavaScript, so the HTML code doesn't contain any event handlers or unnecessary HTML tags. The structure of the menu is defined with unordered and ordered lists elements.

Expanding Text

Draw attention to information on your site with JavaScript-powered expanding text! Just enter the text you want to use, the max size you want it to reach, and speed it should "grow" and it's ready to go. Neat!

Expanding Text Images

This script creates a message using expanding text images. It's as simple as creating your own text images to say whatever you need.

Expanding Textbox

Automatically expands the size of a textbox to fit all of the entered text. Internet Explorer Only.

Expanding Window

(Best with Internet Explorer) Opens a small window then expands it vertically and horizontally to fill the screen with the new web page. Netscape users will not get any errors, the window simply opens the new page normally.

Explorer Object Starter

A very simple script which activates objects in Explorer 7 so people don't have to click on Flash to activate.

Explorer Plugin Starter

A simple script which activates objects in Internet Explorer 7 so users don't have to click on Flash to activate. In addition to object and embed tags, support is also provided for applet tags and all their param tags.

Expression Solver

Just enter a math expression (with +, -, *, and / signs) and this script will evaluate the expression for you. Who needs a calculator when you have JavaScript. ;-)

Extended Characters

Having trouble remembering the extended character codes? It's now as easy as a press of a button.

External JS

Using an external JavaScript file, simply define the rules for how each field should be validated and you're set. Piece of cake! And since it is it's own .js file, it's easy to use the code on every page of your site. Currently only validates text, numbers and e-mail addresses.

Extract Email Addresses

Visitors sometimes include their email address inside the message field when they fill out forms. To deal with this, this script parses through the string and uses a Regular Expression to find then return a comma-separated list of the valid email addresses it finds. Easy!


Watch as a pair of eyes continually follow your cursor around the screen. Updated to work in Internet Explorer and Netscape. Amazing!


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