Alphabetical Script Listing for 'D'

DHTML Scroller.html

This script loads external files into a div in IE and NS and scrolls them via clipping. It has a fully draggable scrollbar that sizes automatically like Windows' scrollbars, and standard up/down/top/bottom support is included.

DHTML StopWatch

Use this DHTML/JavaSctript stopwatch to track your times. It includes reset/start/stop buttons and each one has a rollover effect.

DHTML Tooltip Generator

Sometimes the HTML "alt=" isn't enough to relay the detail you'd like it to. Here is a tool that will allow you to give your users more interactive tooltips. This script will allow you to create a custom DHTML tooltip box on your site.

DHTML Tooltip Generator

Sometimes the HTML "alt=" isn't enough to relay the detail you'd like it to. Here is a tool that will allow you to give your users more interactive tooltips. This script will allow you to create a custom DHTML tooltip box on your site. (08/13/2003)

DHTMLMedia Pop Up

No plain Windows pop-ups, this tool will allow you to easily create DHTML/JavaScript pop-ups that can be personalized to fit in with your web site design. Customize every aspect of the pop- ups and use your own color scheme. Give your pages a more interactive feel.

DOM Append Text and Element Functions / The JavaScript Source

These two functions will append new text or new elements (nodes) to existing elements within the page. Great addition to a JavaScript library. Easily modified.

DOM Browser

The DOM Browser is a visual, interactive representation of the DOM (Document Object Model). It's helpful to beginners learning to interact with the DOM in JavaScript. It's also a great tool for side-by-side comparisons of Netscape, Internet Explorer, and other browsers and how they interpret the document and its elements.

DOMAssistant / The JavaScript Source

A small library for use with the Document Object Model (DOM). The idea is that everything starts with the element(s) in question, selected through ID or CSS selectors, and then perform various methods on it, such as adding or removing classes, events etc. Includes complete documentation.

DS Analogclock

This script displays an analog clock on your site. It includes an HTML code generator that allows to change the parameters without having any knowledge of JavaScript or HTML programming.

DS BounceScroll

This script displays a bouncing scroll; it includes an HTML code generator that allows the user to change the parameters without any knowledge of JavaScript or HTML programming.

DS CursorSinusText

This script displays a sinus text effect on the cursor that you can customize for your site.

DS Zoomscroll

This script displays a scroll-text with the zoom effect. The script includes an HTML code generator that allows users to change the parameters without any knowledge of JavaScript or HTML programming.

Daily Greeting

Display the date on a small calander together with an appropriate salutation based on the time of the day. Nice!

Daily MP3

Want to add some music to your webpage? This script plays a different mp3 for each day of the week.

Daily Tip

Displays a Tip of the Day on your page. Some examples include tips on your site, quotes, computer tips, etc. Just update the tips on a monthly basis.

Daily Welcome Cookie

This script sets a cookie, with an alert window that only comes up the first time you visit the page each day. Good for calling attention to daily specials and news updates. Can be configured to work in other ways also.

Dancing Links

(Internet Explorer Only!) This little script will continuously change the highlighted link colors (visited and unvisited links) in Internet Explorer. Very neat! Netscape - why doesn't your browser support this? :-)

Date & Time

Yes, this is another JavaScript scroll. But, unlike the others, this one has the date & time included at the front of the first message! It looks very professional!

Date & Time Stamp

With this script, you can have the date and time the page was loaded 'stamped' to the page. This would make a wonderful header or footer for any web page.

Date Difference

Enter two dates (including the time!) and this script will display the number of weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds between the two. The seconds field is optional, too. For an example, try entering your birthdate and compare it to today's date.

Date Format

This JavaScript date library is an extension of the internal Date object, which enables various formatting of date/time values.

Date Images

Displays the current date using images. This allows you to be more creative and use any images you want, such as images that match the color or theme of your site.

Date Menu

This JavaScript uses the Date function to dynamically generate accurate dates for the pull-down menus. Each time the user selects a year or month, JavaScript gets the correct number of days in that month and updates the pull down menu. The script is Y2K compliant and also works for leap years. Cool!

Date Picker

Date Picker provides a pop-up calendar in a dynamically populated DIV. It combines the original date-picker script by Kedar R. Bhave and the overlib library by Erik Bosrup. This method is an improvement over using a pop-up window, since so many people are installing software to suppress the annoying pop-up windows generating for advertising.

Date Selection Form

This handy script lets you auto-generate the day and year in a drop down selection as well as validate the date. Add it to your pages that require date validation.

Date Selector

Yet another handy little script that adds drop down boxes to your site so that you can select dates. It's customizable and works for leap years as well.

Date Sorter

This script will sort an array of dates with the month spelled out. It is done by converting the date into a more manageable format.

Date Updated

On your site, you might want to just let visitors know the date that the script was updated, but not the time (maybe it's not important?) This simple script (about a dozen lines) you can do just that! Very neat!

Date and Time of Last Visit

Display the date and time of the users last visit. Easy to implement.

Date-Clock Combination

This is a simple input box that displays the date once the page is loaded. when the mouse goes over the box, the contents become the time!

Date-Clock-Internet Time

Reads your system time/date and displays it on the page, complete with Internet time. Neat! IE4+ and NS6+

Day Counter

If you've ever wondered how many wednesdays there are in the current month, this script will tell you that. It can be modified to work with any day of the week, if not all of them together!

Day Menu

Do you need your visitors to select a day from this month? Here's an excellent way to do so - they get a pulldown menu containing the entire month and the current day is already selected! Cool!

Day of Month Redirection

Or maybe you have a separate page for each day of the month. This script will detect what day of the month it is (1 to 31) and sends the user to [day of month].html (i.e. 1.html, 2.html, etc.)

Day of Week / The JavaScript Source

Use this script to calculate what day of the week a given date occurred. Can be used for past or future dates.

Day of Week Redirection

If you would like to redirect your visitor to a different page for each day of the week, this script would be perfect. It will first detect what day of the week it is and then forward the visitor to the appropriate page. (09/09/2000)

Days Between Two Dates

Use this script to figure out how many days there are between two given dates. Very easy to implement.

Days Left

Procrastinators everywhere, rejoice! If many of your projects end up being due on the first of the month, do you know how many days do you have left? This script calculates and displays the number of days (not weekdays) left in the current month in a snap. And, the script has no trouble with leap year or Y2K.

Days Old

How long have you had that job? How many days old are you? Find the answers to these questions and more!

Days Remaining in Year

Use this script to calculate the number of days between now and the end of the year.

Days Since

This script displays the number of years, months, and days since a selected event. The output can easily be formatted using CSS.

Days ahead

This script will print out a date a certain number of days ahead of the current date. Just enter how many days ahead you want to display, and it will print out that date! Useful on order forms (tell a visitor after they order that you must receive their order by a date 3 weeks from today, etc. And, it's Y2K complaint!

Decimals Allowed

Allows the user to enter a number with up to 2 decimal places in a text box. In other words, 99 is ok, 99.9 is ok, 99.99 is ok, but 99.999 is rejected. You can easily change the number of decimal places that are permitted. (i.e. 1, 2, 3, etc.) For the example, enter a number with up to 2 decimal places then try entering one with more than 2 decimal places.

Decoder Ring

Playing spy games are always fun -- but why not act the part? This decoder ring script allows you to send 'spy' messages back and forth by encoding your message with a key offset value. Then, just send the message, key code, and a link to the decoder ring script to your friend to let them read it. Understandably, it's simple encryption, but it works good enough for us! Cool!

Default Status Message

Here's a neat way to put a message in the status bar on your page. It will stay there as the default message! Neat!

Define It

Look how easy it is to offer your visitors a definition to unfamiliar terms on your site. It takes just one line of code!

Delayed GIF

Normally, animated GIF images start as soon as they are loaded on the page. But, if your GIF only loops once, it displays before the rest page is completely visible. This JavaScript solution ensures that the page is fully loaded before the animated GIF begins. Great!

Delayed Popup

Automatically opens a new popup window a given number of seconds after the page finishes loading. The script can optionally be configured to close the window after a few seconds.

Delete Confirmation / The JavaScript Source

When writing many types of Web applications, there is sometimes a need to let a user delete something. It is generally a good practice, however, to have the user confirm their intentions. One method of doing this is by using a snippet of code to bring up a confirmation message. This snippet can be easily added to an existing or new script or application.

Delicious Cookies

This collection will help you to set, get, and delete cookies. It's a nice little collection that should prove to be invaluable.

Deluxe Calendar Generator

This calendar script allows the user to change titles, fonts, and colors, plus it adds links, gives instructions, and creates a new page to be saved. Based on an older script by Matthew D. Krieg.

Demo Val

Tigra Form Validator is free JavaScript component performing client side form validation. With this feature set the script can be used with HTML forms of virtually any complexity.

Description Layer

(4.0+ browsers) Offer your visitors a quick description or more information about a link before they visit it. When they put their cursor over a link a layer will appear describing the link. Your visitors will appreciate the extra effort, and it looks great too!

Detecting Google Chrome / The JavaScript Source

Need to check Google's new browser to see if it has a quirk that none of the other browsers have? You can detect Chrome by using this snippet in your scripts.

Detecting Mouse Position

This is an easy way to determine the mouse position on a Web page. Click anywhere on the page and the coordinates will be displayed.

Determine Window Size / The JavaScript Source

Use this snippet to determine the size of an open window. Can be used in many different situations, e.g., for setting the size of a div.

Determined Popup

This short, easy script set launches a window that continually re-opens itself and cannot be permanently closed unless the visitor clicks on a link that you provide. Compatible Browsers: NS6 and IE4-6.


This scipt allows you to navigate through websites using a telephone-style dial pad. Just punch in the number listed and away you go! Works in MSIE, Netscape, and Opera

Dice Poker

Click [ROLL] to roll five dice. You win points by getting special combinations of dice, such as four of a kind, etc. Dice are shown but no image files are used! Changeable colors as well! IE only.

Dice Roller

Next time you play a game involving dice, give our JavaScript Dice Roller a try! Just tell it how many dice to use, how many sides are on each die, and it'll give you the total for the number of dice you "rolled"! Slick!


This script defines English words. You put in the word. It gives you the definition. Easy enough! It also includes a thesaurus.

Digg Button Generator

Looking for an easy way to add Digg buttons and links to your Web pages? The instructions given on the Digg Web site can be a bit tedious. Use this generator instead, to make it easier. You can place it on your site for others to use also. The image file contains Digg buttons to put on your Web site or blog, which can also be customized for your site, using the included Photoshop file.

Digital Clock

Displays the time like a real digital clock. Changes rapidly and includes hours, minutes, seconds and AM/PM indication. Neat!

Digital Countdown

Countdown from any date in digital numbers. Displays days, hours, minutes, and seconds while updating every second. A must see!

Digital Telephone Book

A telephone book, which shows the listing via a mouseover event, making the search very fast. Use it for e-mail and Web site addresses also. Easy to edit too. Cool!

Directional Buttons

This effect is practically never used. 6 lines of HTML give you back and forward buttons that act exactly like the ones in your web browser. It makes your users feel more secure when they know they can go back.


If you were thinking about creating a searchable directory, this script can help. Just cut and paste the script, edit the appropriate directory information, and you have your own Javascript directory!

Directory Info

Do you archive your website's contents into separate directories? If so, you'll love this script! It will print out a neat linked directory information for any page on your site! Very neat!

Disable Enter Key

Use this script to prevent visitors from submitting a form before it is completely filled-in. Instead of using the enter key to move from field to field, they will need to use either the tab key or the mouse.

Disable Form Buttons / The JavaScript Source

This script will disable your submit button in order to prevent multiple form submissions. Easy to implement.

Disable Form Controls

Here's a simple form that contains a check box and a text box. Unless the check box is activated, you won't be able to enter anything into the text box.

Disable Radio Button Groups Onload

This unobtrusive script will disable groups of radio buttons on the page if one radio button is checked. It works with multiple groups and multiple forms on one page. Buttons are disabled on a group-by-group basis. Easy to use!

Disable Submit

(Internet Explorer only) When the form is submitted, any submit and reset buttons are disabled. This prevents the user from submitting the form repeatedly, whether by accident or on purpose. The form will just act normally for Netscape users. Great!

Disable the Submit Button

Sometimes it is a good idea to disable the submit button so that the user cannot make multiple submissions. This snippet will do the trick. Very easy to use.

Display Page URL

Sometimes you may want to give your visitor the URL of the page they are on. You can provide the entire path with breadcrumb scripts but, if you just want to give them the current URL, this short snippet will do the trick. Just place it anywhere on the page you want to display the URL.

Distance Speed Time

Calculate the time, distance, or speed given any two of the pieces of information. Convenient!

Division Control

This script shows how to control the visibilty of divisions. Slight changes to the code can also allow control of division style. Works in MSIE, Netscape and Opera.

Domain Redirect

If you have more than one domain pointing to the same IP address, this script will redirect each domain to its proper directory.


Make more boxes than the computer to win this interactive JavaScript game. Neat!

Double Scroll Bar

Ever want to have two scrollbars on your page? Well now you can. This script adds a custom scrollbar to left and right hand sides of the page.

Double StopWatch

This script uses two stopwatches,one in seconds and one in ms. You can take snapshot of the time (while counting continues in the background). Based on high-quality easy-to-use javascript class.

Double status bar message

It displays a still message in the staus bar along with a scrolling message along side it!

Download Calculator

This calculator estimates how long it will take to download a file using several different connection types and speeds. Easy to use and adaptable. Try it out!

Drag and Drop

Using a combination of CSS and JavaScript, you can move your images all over the page. Just add the class tag to the link's attributes - it's that simple!

Drag and Drop Menu

This is an example of a drag and drop menu. When you click on top of the menu you can drag it within the document.

Drag and Drop by className

Assign a specified class to a div tag and you will be able to drag and drop it. Very useful and easy to implement.


Simply click images on the web page, drag to move, and then drop images anywhere on the web page. A fun way to allow your visitors to interact with your site. And, it is a short script too!

Driving Distance

Use JavaScript to estimate the driving distance between U.S. cities.

Drop Down Info Box

This script reveals information, based on the user's selection in a drop down box. Can be used for a FAQ, contact info, and more. Short and sweet, with comments.

Drop Down Menu Generator / The JavaScript Source

Simply select the options you would like in your pulldown menu, enter the text and URL for each listing, and click the button to generate the source code. Easy! And, we can even mail the generated code to you!

Drop-in Content Box

This script displays a content box that drops in from midair, and can display whatever you choose. The frequency of the box appearing can be precisely controlled.

Dropdown Box Population (Revised)

Multiple series of dropdown boxes (up to 3) are automatically populated based on previous selection. Revised to work with IE, Netscape, Firefox, and Opera.

Dropdown Content

Information is "dropping" down when you click on the link. Excellent when you want to present information and not have to worry about popup blockers.

Dropdown Menu / The JavaScript Source

This is a very nice animated dropdown menu. Highly customizable, using unobtrusive JavaScript and CSS. Easy to implement.

Dual Function Button

This script allows one button to have two or more functions

Dual Scroller

Scrolls HTML elements within a DIV. A version of the HTML Scroller modified to display a DIV on both the left and right side of the window for both IE and Netscape.


A date selection widget for use with forms. Clean and simple. Uses style sheets for layout.

Dynamic Audio Button

This script plays sound when the user mouses over the dynamic button . Clicking on button opens a new browser window. You can customize the dynamic button colors, style, link, and sound.

Dynamic Calendar

This calendar allows you to select a month and year and automatically display the a complete calendar for that month in Dynamic HTML. Great!

Dynamic Clock

(Version 4.0+ browsers) Using layers, JavaScript can display a real-time clock your page. This is a really professional way to add that special touch to your web page. And, watch as the clock on your page updates every second. All done without using forms, cool!

Dynamic Drop Down List / The JavaScript Source

Use this script when you need to offer multiple choices in your forms. Clicking a link dynamically changes the contents of the accompanying drop down list. Add as many options as you need. Complete details are explained in the script.

Dynamic Drop Down List 2 / The JavaScript Source

This script creates dynamic drop down boxes, preventing duplicate selections. When a selection is made in the first box, that option is removed in the second box, with the same procedure for the third box.

Dynamic Fading Links

A DynamicHTML Effect that fades background-color and text color of links as you move over them.

Dynamic Frameset

Rather than setup separate framesets each time you want to start over and open one of your page inside your frames, use this dynamic frameset script. You can load all your content pages as necessary through one page -- the magic begins when you use a search string (a '?' in the URL). The page passed then is opened in your frames. A default content page is used if no information is passed. Cool!

Dynamic Input

(Internet Explorer Only) Offer a form with as many input boxes that the user selects. After entering the number of boxes, the form is dynamically updated while the rest of the form remains untouched.

Dynamic JavaScript Form Validation / The JavaScript Source

This lightweight form validation script allows you to easily add attractive validation messages to your forms. There is no markup to add on your existing page. Just call the inlineMsg() function when you wish to display a message. The position of the form element (or any other element) is dynamically calculated.

Dynamic Links

Dynamically change the link address for a hyperlink based on their entry in the pulldown menu. Send to different email addresses or URLs, wow!

Dynamic Sized Image

Sometimes, your image does not look very good in different sized browser windows. This script will proportionally resize a graphic to fit within the current window or frame when a page is loaded, thus giving a more consistent and attractive look to your page.

Dynamic Table

(Internet Explorer 5+ and Netscape 6+ Only) Enter information into this dynamic table and see the power of W3C-DOM compatible browsers. Absolutely Amazing!

Dynamic Timed Redirect

Redirect the user to a different Web page after a designated number of seconds, while displaying a countdown in the document title representing the number of seconds left before redirection.

Dynamic Title

This script causes the message in the title bar to change every 10 seconds. Pretty neat!

Dynamic Title Bar

Displays changing text in a multi-message display in the browser title bar. Any number of message lines may be used, and a moving, attention-getting slide box draws the eye to the messages.


This script will easily allow you to add an input mask to a textbox. The mask for a phone number could look like this for example "(###) ###-####". Just give it a try to see it in action!


The DevEdge Archive, a strategic alliance formed by America Online and Sun Microsystems, Inc., is delivering iPlanet e-commerce software and enterprise solutions that enable companies to compete successfully in the Net Economy


The DevEdge Archive, a strategic alliance formed by America Online and Sun Microsystems, Inc., is delivering iPlanet e-commerce software and enterprise solutions that enable companies to compete successfully in the Net Economy


An easy-to-use snippet, that allows other DOM scripting to run before window.onload. The practical benefit is that JavaScript doesn't have to wait for images or other dependencies to finish loading. It can begin as soon as the DOM is ready.