Alphabetical Script Listing for 'C'

CSS Toolbox

Three functions, one to return a CSS style object, one to create a new CSS rule, and one to delete a CSS style object. Dynamically create, change, and delete stylesheets. Easy to use and heavily commented.


This calculator can be used as a common scientific calculator (sin, cos, log, power, root, memory). However, it also includes a molecular weight calculator and the tables with various physical and chemical constants. The calculator contains a list with task history, storing all the recent inputs and results. Scientific calculator displays the numbers rounded to a user-specified number of decimal places. A very advanced calculator but easy to implement.

Calculator for Easter Sunday

Use this script to figure out when Easter Sunday will be in a given year. The timing of the holiday depends on the full moon.

Calculator: Advanced

This is a very comprehensive JavaScript calculator. Although the source code can get quite confusing, it works.


This is a plain and simple monthly calendar. It's formatted with styles sheets so the appearance can easily be changed.

Calories Burned

JavaScript can help you figure how many calories you have burned.

Carpe Slider

This slider is a good alternative to the text input tag, when the expected value is limited to a certain interval and/or when only a limited number of values in the interval are allowed. This cross-browser slider does not contain any image elements or applets. Adding a slider is as easy as adding an HTML element. Settings are easy to modify with a few attributes of the slider element.

Cascade Menu

This dropdown menu can cascade into any number of submenus. It uses an external JavaScript file and CSS file (included in the zip file). IE 4.0 or later.

Cascading Menu

Multilevel cascading menu for navigation in Internet Explorer. Menus have borders, highlight colours and are positioned relative to one another on the fly. Amazing!

Catch A Spy

You are an Interpol officer who needs to track down the movement of the Green Spy. He moves around the world in a predictable pattern. Learn his moves. Once you're in the same airport with the Green Spy, you win! Aim for the shortest time. Good luck!

Categorized & Searchable List Boxes / The JavaScript Source

This script creates a list of categorized links from a data array. The list is also searchable. A great navigational aid for small spaces. Very easy to implement.

Category Form Script

Once a main category is selected, a sub-category of that group is loaded for further selection. Great for different brands or subjects.

Cell BG Changer

(Internet Explorer Only) Changes the background color of a table's TD cell and the mouse cursor to a hand when you hover over the cell. And, clicking acts like a normal link.

Center Expand

Grab your visitors attention with this script. It centers the browser window and expands to fill the screen!

Centered Pop-Up Window

This script generates a popup window. The difference is that the formatting information for the new window is contained in the link. Therefore you can have multiple pop-up windows using the same script, each of which can be different depending on how you set the variables in the link.

Centered Popup

Opens a new popup window centered on the screen. Parameters added for optional scroll bars, resizablility, menu bar, tool bar, address bar, status bar, and full screen display. The link will launch a new window if the user does not have JavaScript enabled.

Change Background Colors / The JavaScript Source

Use this snippet to let your visitors change the background color of your Web page. Combined with a cookie, the setting could follow them through your whole site.

Change HTML Tag Style

The following script allows you to change the style of an HTML tag(background in this example). The style of the tag is referenced within the script by the tag's ID name. Code (tips) for changing other style attributes such as font size, font family, etc. are also included.

Change Image

It's always neat to dynamically change an image when the user touches it. For this example, I have one image and when you put your cursor on it, it changes to another. If you use this script, be sure to use images of the same size!

Change Image 2 / The JavaScript Source

Use this script to change an image, using the setAttribute function. You can use different events to change the image, e.g., onClick, or onMouseOver. The script can also be adapted to other uses.

Change Layer Colors / The JavaScript Source

Use these two simple functions to change text and background colors within a specified layer without reloading the page. Can be used separately or together.

Change Link Text

Use this little script to change the link text after it has been clicked. Short and easy to use!

Change Multiple Images

Dynamically change multiple images by simply moving your mouse over one image. Easy!

Change Style

Let your visitors change the style sheet on your Web site. This script will let your visitors choose between five style sheets, which you can create yourself or use the ones included.

Change Two Images

Changes two images simultaneously when the user puts their cursor on the link. The necesary images are preloaded to ensure there is no delay when showing the images.

Character Counter

Use this script to limit the number of characters allowed in an input box. It will display the number of characters left. Easy to modify.

Character Encoder

Encrypts a string by converting each character to it's ASCII key code. Supports two-way encryption - from a string to the numeric code, or from the numeric code back to the string. You can, for example, send the encrypted code to a friend and have them decode it with this script. Lots more uses, use your imagination!

Character Table

Ever have a hard time remembering the "&#