Alphabetical Script Listing for 'A'

A Modular Toolbox / The JavaScript Source

Creating and maintaining an effective JavaScript toolbox can greatly reduce development time. This script will show you how to include specific snippet modules on individual pages. Comments and a tutorial are included.

ABA Routing Number Checksum

This script will validate an ABA routing number according to a given algorithm. (Although the number may be valid, it may not be actually assigned to a financial institution.)


AJScroller is a cross-browser, DHTML scroller. Full HTML syntax is supported, which means you can add images, format and align text quickly and easily. The scrolling speed and pause delay can be configured and controlled dynamically.

AOL Links

Let someone add you to their AOL Buddy List or have them send you an Instant Message with text in the message block that you can choose! And it's only two lines of code!

ASCII Character Code

This script shows the ASCII decimal code of any character. (You can type in any amount of characters in the box, but only the first one is shown.)

ASCII Encryption

(Internet Explorer Only) A very simple encryption method that uses random values for each character. Interestingly, you can encrypt the same string as many times as you want and the result will always be different. Best used with short strings.

ASCII Engine

Enter any keyboard character and the Ascii Engine outputs the character's equivalent in Ascii Decimal, Ascii Hex, and even binary.

Absolute Popup Box

This popup box is not an actual window. It pops right up on the page, partially hiding the page content. No need to worry about popup blockers. Good for bios, site maps, and other short items.


Use JavaScript to find acceleration equivalents.

Accept Terms

This script allows your visitors to accept your terms and conditions before proceeding by checking a box. If they don't agree, an exit button will takes them to a designated page.

Access Image URL to TextBox

When an image is clicked, this script will show the image URL in a textbox. Useful for cases where you want others to be able to copy the image address easily for linking... such as for banners, logo graphics, etc. A single instance of the script can be attached to any number of images in the page.

Accessible Compact Forms

Tight on space? Use this script to create a compact form that is accessible and works even when JavaScript and CSS are turned off.

Ace Date Display

Use this code snippet to display today's date on your web page. (02/21/02)

Ad Calculator

Selling ad banners has just got easier! Just enter two fields of the three fields of information, such as the total cost, CPM (cost per thousand impressions), and exposures (number of ads shown), and the calculator will solve the last field for you.

Add A Row

This script adds a row to a table by clicking on a button.

Add Commas

Modifies a number by adding commas after every third digit. For example, 123456789 is converted to 123,456,789. The script example shows this script as used on numbers of various sizes. And, it demonstrates a clever use of the modulus operator.

Add Input Fields / The JavaScript Source

Use this script to upload files. As a file is selected, another input field is automatically added.

Add Time

Use this script to add time - in the form of seconds, minutes, or hours - to the current time.

Add a Hotkey / The JavaScript Source

This script will fire an event when the key specified in the variable "key1" is pressed. In this example, pressing the spacebar will trigger the display of an alert box.

Add and Remove Elements / The JavaScript Source

Dynamically create HTML elements with content wrapped within them according to the DOM2 specification. Easy to implement.

Add to Favorites

This small script will launch the browser Favorites window to bookmark the current page. Works in Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Add-Remove Options (DOM)

Add or remove objects in a select list, using the DOM. This script was written to work with DOM Level 1 and DOM Level 2 capable browsers, with try/catch logic included for IE use.

Add/Remove an Event

Use this set of snippets to add or remove events from your scripts. Consists of two functions: addEvent and removeEvent.

Adding HTML Controls

Use this script to add HTML controls to your forms. This example uses the <input> tag.

Adding Options

Add or change options on a form select menu. Simple script, includes comments.

Adding Options 2

Add or change options on a form select menu. This script will also allow sub-group items, for additional selections. (07/30/2007)

Address Book

Saves an address book database as a cookie on the user's computer. In addition, the underlying code could be very beneficial for use in other projects.

Advanced Calculator 2

This is a very sharp looking advanced calculator made using JavaScript and HTML.

Advanced Gallery

This gallery script allows you to display and rotate entire blocks of HTML on demand. Display images, text, or rich HTML in a dynamic manner. Set the script to automatically cycle through the contents like in a scroller, or via manual selecting. Furthermore, we made inputting the contents a breeze. Simply wrap desired blocks of HTML in a special tag, and they are automatically added to the gallery.

Advanced META Tag Generator

This is your tool for creating a complete set of META tags. It's fast, fun, and an easy way to create all kinds of META tags, not just basic ones such as the keyword and description META tag.

Advanced Password Checker

This script uses an array to store the usernames and passwords. It also uses a prompt box for username and password info and uses the indexOf property to search the array for a username and password match in a for.. loop.

Advanced Scroller

Instead of 'typing', 'pushing' or 'blinking' words, this scroller replaces a random character in the text with the correct new one to eventually create a new phrase.

Age Calculator

Just enter the birthday you wish to track and JavaScript will display the person's age, down to the second. Displays your age along with the day you were born. Cool!

Age Finder

Not only will this script tell you how many days, hours, minutes, and seconds old you are, it tells you how long until your next birthday!

Age Redirection

Occassionally, your web site might need to redirect minors away from adult content. This script is a VERY simple preliminary age check. Those underage are then forwarded to

Agree Before Entry

Confirm your visitor's approval by requiring their name before continuing on. Useful if you require your visitors to accept a disclaimer before downloading software or visiting a section of your members-only site. Could be used with a cookie.

Agree Before Posting

Sometimes you may need to make sure your visitors agree to specific terms before submitting their comments. This script will disable the input fields until they agree to your terms. Easily adaptable.


This useful JavaScript calculator will tell you the degrees, Nautical Miles, Statute Miles, and Kilometers between your originating and destination airports. It's got a built-in database of over 150 of the most traveled airports! Very neat! I've given a copy to everyone I know who fly often. ;-)

Ajax Loader

Use this script to load XML and HTML files with XMLHTTPREQUEST. In the div id=EchoTopic tag, just add the name of the file to load and the element to display the file in, usually a div element.

Ajax Navigation

Use this script instead of frames. When a visitor clicks on a specific link, the content of that link is inserted into the page without a refresh. When a page doesn't exist, a user-friendly error message is given.

Ajax Navigation2

When a visitor clicks on a specific link, the content of that link is inserted into the page without a refresh. When a page doesn't exist, a user-friendly error message is given. [Note: This is an edited version of the original script.]

Alarm Clock

Set an alarm that will play any sound from your computer. You can even select a snooze time after it sounds. Awesome!


If you're just looking for a quick way to tell your visitor something, use this JavaScript alert! When they put their cursor on the link, they get the message in the form of a JavaScript alert!

Alert Box Protection

Often when working on scripts alert boxes are placed inside loops as a debugging tool. You can sometimes end up with hundreds of alert boxes and no way to stop them. This script placed at the start of your code will give you an option to disable the alert boxes after a pre-determined number set by you.

Alert Button

Sometimes you need to display an information box. Copy this script into your document and you will have a button alert. Label it whatever you want and customize the message to fit your needs.

Alert and Confirm Generator

Use this script to create quick and easy alert and confirmation scripts. Pick what you want, enter your text and get the source code. Pretty neat!

Algebraic Equation Solver

This script solves algebraic equations with complex coefficients up to the cubic order. Enter a numerical value; click on a coefficient-button to assign the value. Then click the "Solve" button.

Alien Spacecraft

An alien spacecraft hovers around the background of the page using JavaScript and DHTML. Best used with a space background. Cool!

All Lower Case

Converts the text to all lowercase letters as soon as focus is removed from the textbox or the submit button is clicked.

All Upper Case

Converts the text to all uppercase letters as soon as focus is removed from the textbox or the submit button is clicked.

Alternate Colors / The JavaScript Source

Most scripts that provide alternating rows of color are made for tables. This script can be used with any HTML tag, e.g., div, p, etc. Very easy to set-up and implement. Highlight that special section on your page without too much fuss.

Alternate Table Row-List Item / The JavaScript Source

Use this script to make your table data and list items easy to read. No need to hassle with listing each alternate row coloring. Very easy to use.

Alternating Message Text Box

With the help of this script you can put up a text box on your Web page that displays alternating messages for your visitors. It saves space, as a lot of text can be contained in a minimal display area.

Alternating Rows

Make your tabular data nice and readable. Just add some colors to this script and - voila! - no hassle alternate row coloring. Your data stays pristine, your output is improved, and your markup barely changes.

Always on Top Popup

This script opens a floating layer popup. This technique allows the user to work in the main window while still being able to view the popup. The popup window will hover at the same spot where it opens, even if the user scrolls down the page.

Amazing Quadratic Equation Solver

This script will factor and solve for both values of X, any quadratic equation that has real number solutions.


Calculate monthly mortgage payments quickly and easily. Displays an Amortization Table. Great!

Amortization Calculator

Use this script to help figure out your mortgage payments. It takes the percentage rate, principal and the length of the loan and produces a payment schedule. The accuracy and applicability of this calculator is not guaranteed, actual values may vary slightly.

Animated Message

Draw attention to the status bar message at the bottom of the screen by adding some animation to it! Arrows will focus on the message by continually pointing at the text. Clever!

Animated MiniTabs

A sleek animation effect using tabs for a slide navigation bar. Degrades very nicely when JavaScript is turned-off. (06/16/2006)

Animated Popup Elements / The JavaScript Source

Bring simple and effective animation to a page by fading your popup elements in and out using this JavaScript function.

Animated Tooltip

Hold your mouse over a particular graphic and display an animated tooltip in the form of a scroll. It's really cool!

Annual Calendar with Events

Shows an overview of the whole year as a 3 x 4 grid of month calendars. Events are highlighted and generates tool-tip message.


Hate spam? Fight back! This script will generate random e-mail addresses on a page that spambots will, in turn, try to contact. Because they aren't real, they will bounce back to the spammer's mailbox, which will keep them busy with fake addresses.


As you move your mouse around the page a swarming army of ants scattered about the window will chase after it. (No wisecracks about buggy code now...) If an ant actually reaches the mouse cursor, we reposition it randomly around the edge of the window, and its chase starts again. The ant images are preloaded with a great image loading bar script, then the script begins. A great effect!

Anywhere Mail

This script will let visitors send e-mail to anyone, at any time.


JavaScript can help you find area equivalents.

Area Calculator

A simple calculator to determine the area of a square, triangle, rectangle, circle or sphere.

Area Calculator 2

Put a calculator on your page that can tell a visitor the square units of a square, rectangle, parallelogram, or a triangle.

Area/Volume Generator

Need to find the area or circumference of a circle, the area of a rectangle, or the volume of a cylinder? This cool script will find it for you. In addition to the answer, it also gives all the steps needed to solve the equation. (The answer is rounded off.) Pretty cool!


JavaScript can help you figure armor penetration.


A nice implementation of the magic squares game where the objective is to arrange the numbers in order. Multiple levels, timer and counter included. Warning: Tthe game is very addictive! (Internet Explorer only)

Array Creator / The JavaScript Source

Coding large arrays can be a bit of a repetitive chore. This script will create a generator that will help speed up the process. Easy to use and implement!

Arrow Links

This neat little JavaScript will indicate which link is selected with a little arrow image. Hard to explain, but you'll understand when you see it! Very cool!

Ask Mustafa

We've captured the spy Mustafa from the Austin Powers movie. Mustafa will refuse to answer any question you ask. Except, he hates hearing the same question three times in a row. Ask him a question three times in a row and he will answer you. Fun!

Astrological Calculator

A handy calculator that will calculate both your Western and Chinese birth Signs. Enter the day, month, and year of your birth - or your date's - and instantly figure out if you (or they) are a Gemini born in the Year of the Ox, or a Year of the Rabbit/Cat Aquarius. The calculator will also return customizable funny messages if the user inputs an impossible date (ie, February 30 or December 32).


Watch as the astronaut floats around in space. His random movements over the background of moving stars gives the perception of space travel. Wow!


JavaScript can help you do atmospheric computations.

Auction Watcher & Refresher

Use this script to have your favorite online auction items auto-refresh at your specified interval or whenever you want. Great for those last minutes of an auction!

Audio Greeting

Script plays audio greeting when user loads the page. You can record your own audio greeting and customize the greeting time and message. IE only.

Auto Complete Function

Create an auto-complete or auto-suggest text box in JavaScript, without use of prototype handlers and other advanced techniques. This script could be adapted for use in a number of different situations.

Auto Complete Textfield

As the user enters information into a textfield, this script will provide suggestions based on the list in the array.

Auto Currency

Inserts the proper seperators to automatically format any currency field.

Auto Drop Down

Automatically adjusts the values in the selection box depending on the item selected in the drop down menu. Awesome!

Auto Email Link

Automatically creates a new e-mail utilizing the user's default e-mail client. The script fills in the subject line and adds the URL of the current Web page to the body. Note: May not be compatible with all e-mail clients.

Auto Expire / The JavaScript Source

Set "go live" and "expire" dates for content, such as "Latest News" or various promotional content. Great for when you don't have time to remember to go back and take old content down, or when you want to create content and have it go live at a later date.

Auto Fill

Set a text field value in one window by entering text in another window.

Auto Month

This pulldown menu will automatically adjust the range of months so that the current month is at the top. The remaining months are placed in order after the current month. The menu still functions with JavaScript turned-off.

Auto Popup Window

Automatically opens a small popup window and closes it after a specified time. Great for displaying important messages without forcing users to close multiple windows!

Auto Sum Checkboxes / The JavaScript Source

As the user selects items in the form, this script will display a running total automatically. No need to keep reloading the page, and no surprises for your user at the check-out point. Easy to implement into your existing forms.

Auto Tab

Automatically sets focus to the next form element when the current form element's maxlength has been reached. The user, then, does not have to manually click in or tab to the next field. Very easy to change for different size fields. Perfectly suited for constant-length strings such as a phone number or social security numbers.

Auto Year

This pulldown menu will automatically adjust the range of years depending on the current year. As an added bonus, the range is easily modified.

Auto-Enter Current Date / The JavaScript Source

This script will enter the current date in a read only form field. Good for when you want to collect the current date but want to make sure it's formatted properly.


Use this script to view full-size images from thumbnails. The full-size images can be different sizes. The pop-up window will change to the appropriate size.

Auto-Select / The JavaScript Source

This function, when called on a particular HTML element, will auto-select all of its inner text. It works on elements such as input, textarea, div, span, td, and pre.

Auto-Sum Form Boxes

This script will automatically total boxes in a form. Use it to keep a running total of quantites or prices in an order form.


Google's new Beta Toolbar includes a feature called 'AutoLink'. The toolbar scans through the current Web page and links any addresses or ISBN numbers to Google's services. This script will stop the toolbar from placing a link in the Web page.

AutoClose Inactive Popup

Ever want to close a popup window after ten minutes of inactivity? Then this script combination will suit your needs. Only two lines of JavaScript are required for each child page.

Autofill and Select Form Fields

When testing forms you don't need to keep filling in the different fields. Use this function to automatically fill-in input blocks and select values in the form for you. Very easy to use.

Automatic Breadcrumbs

This script will automatically build a "breadcrumb" navigational link to any page on your Web site. This allows your visitors to see exactly where they are on your Web site at an given time. Very easy to implement.

Automatic Coloured Rows

Tired of adding even and odd classes to your tables to distinguish the rows? This script will do it for you automatically. You can even use it with lists!

Automatic Copyright Update

Make sure your copyright notices are up-to-date. This script will automatically update your pages for you.

Automatic Image Resizer

This script will resize a group of images to a preset maximum width. Useful for regulating picture size, especially on sites where images are posted at random by multiple users.

Automatic Link File-Size Generation / The JavaScript Source

This script displays the size and type of a document next to the link targeting it. This distinguishes the 'attachment' link from a normal Web link, and provides the user with helpful information. Easy to implement. Includes the necessary jQuery script.

Avenue MetaSearch

This search form gives you the possibility to search the 50+ most popular search engines and directories. The form is transparent, so you can paste it right on your website to fit your design, and to offer your visitors a valuable tool that makes them come back.

Avenue Metasearch

This search form gives you the possibility to search the 42 most popular search engines and directories. The form is transparent, so you can paste it right on your Web site to fit your design ... and it is only one line!


aWrite 1.0.2 is a small simple JavaScript which writes a whole new web page at the click of a radio button. You can use it for check boxes, select menus, links, and more.


This snippet will prevent designated functions from being executed until after the page loads. Includes a sample of the function in use.


Have you ever wanted to add a style sheet to your document using the full CSS without having to use addRules and insertRules? While this method is a bit "non-standard", it's a pretty nifty approach that can be expanded upon.


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