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Ajax Tutorials

These tutorials all relate to Ajax (short for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML). It involves using a number of existing technologies together, including (X)HTML, Cascading Style Sheets, JavaScript, the Document Object Model, XML, XSLT, and the XMLHttpRequest object. When these technologies are combined in the Ajax model, Web applications are able to make quick, incremental updates to the user interface without reloading the entire browser page.

  • Ajax and PHP - Forms and JavaScript Limitations
    J.D. Campbell Mar 11, 2008

    This tutorial covers the limitations pertaining to how HTML forms operate within AJAX dynamic content and what type of JavaScript can be used in Ajax-generated content.

  • Ajax and XML: Ajax for Chat
    Jack Herrington Mar 11, 2008

    Learn to build a chat system into your Web application with Ajax and PHP. Your customers can talk to you and to each other about the content of the site without having to download or install any special instant-messaging software.

  • Ajax Fast and Easy
    Anthony Frey Mar 11, 2008

    A simple, easy tutorial that explains what Ajax is and how to use it.

  • Ajax for Tables
    Jack Herrington Mar 11, 2008

    One strong suit of Ajax is presenting data from the server to users in a dynamic fashion. This tutorial will help you discover several techniques that use Ajax for dynamic data display using tables, tabs, and gliders.

  • Copy and Paste JavaScript with an Ajax Engine
    Will Bontrager Mar 11, 2008

    It's not necessary to understand the characteristics of Ajax in order to use it. This article provides copy and paste JavaScript with an Ajax engine. No modifications are necessary.

  • Database-Enabled Ajax with PHP
    Kris Hadlock Mar 11, 2008

    Ajax has taken the Web to a new level by offering an intuitive interactive model that rivals the desktop. To compete with desktop applications, this tutorial shows you how to create database-enabled Ajax requests using PHP and MySQL.

  • FancyUpload - Swiff meets Ajax
    Harald Kirschner Mar 11, 2008

    This is a file-input replacement which features an unobtrusive, multiple-file selection menu and queued upload with an animated progress bar. It is easy to setup, is server independent, completely styleable via CSS and XHTML and uses MooTools to work in all modern browsers.

  • Introduction to PHP and Ajax
    Anthony Corbelli Mar 11, 2008

    Ajax is a collection of technologies which allows a script to communicate with a server in real time. This series is an introduction to the power of Ajax. If you have mastered basic JavaScript, you can begin to use it immediately.

  • Overview of Popular JavaScript Frameworks - ASP.NET Ajax
    Rob Gravelle Mar 11, 2008

    This is the last installment of a JavaScript frameworks overview series. This tutorial highlights the main features of Microsoft's ASP.NET Ajax Framework, including controls, JavaScript Type extensions, asynchronous communications and debugging capabilities.

  • Simple Save Message Using MooTools
    Antonio Lupetti Mar 11, 2008

    This tutorial explains how to implement a message box which appears when a user submits a form and disappears (with a nice fade effect) when a generic Ajax request is completed.

  • Speed Up the Web
    Cristian Liciu Mar 11, 2008

    This tutorial demonstrates how a Web page can be loaded and redered 10 times faster than normal using Ajax.

  • Using JavaScript To Call PHP Database Routines Between Windows 2
    Alan Gruskoff Mar 11, 2008

    This tutorial shows how to create a select or dropdown list for use with database routines. Learn how to gather input in one window for processing in another window. (03/11/2008)

  • Yahoo! UI Library: Get Utility
    Mar 11, 2008

    The Get Utility provides a mechanism for attaching script and CSS resources — including cross-domain resources — to the DOM after the page has loaded.

  • jQuery Crash Course
    Nathan Smith Oct 8, 2007

    For those who would like to learn more about jQuery, one of the more popular JavaScript libraries, here's a crash course written with code-savvy Web designers in mind.

  • Using XMLHttpRequest
    Oct 8, 2007

    XMLHttpRequest is a JavaScript object that was created by Microsoft and adopted by Mozilla. You can use it to easily retrieve data via HTTP. Despite its name, it can be used for more than just XML documents.

  • Developer Notes for prototype.js
    Sergio Pereira Aug 18, 2007

    In case you haven't already used it, prototype.js is a JavaScript library written by Sam Stephenson. This amazingly well thought and well written piece of standards-compliant code takes a lot of the burden associated with creating rich, highly interactive Web pages off your back. If you tried to use this library recently, you probably noticed that documentation is not one of its strongest points. I thought it would be nice to take notes while I learned and share with everybody else.

  • Ajax Mistakes
    Alex Bosworth Jul 24, 2007

    Ajax is also a dangerous technology for Web developers, its power introduces a huge amount of UI problems as well as server side state problems and server load problems. I’ve compiled a list of the many mistakes developers using Ajax often make.

  • Ajax RSS Reader
    Jack Herrington Apr 3, 2007

    Learn how to build an Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (Ajax) Really Simple Syndication (RSS) reader, as well as a Web component that you can place on any Web site to look at the articles in the RSS feeds.

  • Developing an Ajax-Driven Shopping Cart with PHP and Prototype
    Jason Gilmore Jan 25, 2007

    This tutorial will show you how to build a shopping cart using PHP, session handling, and the Prototype JavaScript library. The cart allows users to add and delete products from the cart, as well as change cart quantities, all without waiting for the page to reload.

  • Ajax Newsletter Sign-Up Tutorial
    Dec 5, 2006

    This tutorial will demonstrate how to create a newsletter sign-up section using Ajax.

  • Take Ajax to Your E-mail Inbox: Developing a Web-based POP 3 Client
    Alejandro Gervasio Dec 5, 2006

    In this article, the first of three parts, you will start creating a simple web-based POP 3 client using Ajax, which will use "XMLHttpRequest" objects to retrieve messages from a mail server.

  • The Productivity Perks Behind Prototype's Popularity
    Alessandro Lacava Dec 5, 2006

    Learn how to leverage the popular Prototype JavaScript framework to speed up your Ajax-based development. You'll see how to use JavaScript in an object-oriented way.

  • Using Drop Down Boxes
    Dec 5, 2006

    This tutorial shows how to create a simple form with three interactive dropdown boxes. Using an onchange event, each box is updated from a database, without reloading the page, when a change is made to one of them. The results from the database are displayed at the bottom of the page.

  • Using XML: A PHP Developer's Primer - Delving into Ajax
    Adam Delves Dec 5, 2006

    In our last article, we introduced Ajax by developing a simple email validation application. In this article we are going to delve deeper into Ajax and explore how XSL can be used on both the client side (using Javascript) and on the server side (using PHP) to transform XML data into XHTML.

  • Which Ajax Library Is Right for Me?
    David Talbot Dec 5, 2006

    Free Ajax libraries are multiplying like bunnies in the spring. Here's some guidance to help you sift through the dozens of options and choose the one—or ones—that best suite your environment and objective.