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Check Username Signup

Tom Westcott Apr 19, 2006


This script does a Gmail-style check on the username supplied to see if it is a unique username, using the Ajax method (via the Sajax development version).

Test the script here.


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Good Website for javascript related solutions

kranthi kumar Oct 14, 2008

Thanks! I've been looking for something like this, works well with the way my page is setup.

Jeni Mar 15, 2008

It work fine now.

Lee Oct 3, 2007

when entering email address and clicking on the button to email the script to me the resulting email has a link to the file to download it BUT just get a 404 NOT FOUND

Kerry Kurtz Sep 14, 2007

Sorry, but none of these work.I've tried ALL of the codes for the 'check username signup' code.All you do is type in the box and the words 'this username is available!' and 'this username is unavailable.' ALWAYS appear so you don't know if it's available, or not.I would use this code but i can't because it doesn't work!If you could,somehow upgrade it and make it work.I want one of these but this one is the only 1 i can find-and it doesn't work at all.too bad.

alyssa Dec 16, 2006